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Types of Tin Ceiling Tile

Tin celing tile types you select depend on the material you will be installing the tin tile onto. The Nail-up nails to wood, the Drop-in lays in a suspended grid, and the SnapLock tile screws into drywall. With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect type for your situation.

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Single tin ceiling tile type: snap lock.

Pattern #1


The most common material that is found in homes today is drywall. The Snap Lock™ tile screws into drywall using 1 1/4" drywall screws. The Snaplock contains a flange system which interlocks into the subsequent tile, hiding the screws.


Single tin ceiling tile type: nail-up.

Pattern #7


For new construction, the Nail-up tile is nailed into a furring strip grid on two foot centers using 5/8", 18 gauge brad nails and an automatic brad gun between 25-40 lbs psi. If a furring strip grid isn't preferable, 3/8" plywood or 7/16" OSB can be used.


Single tin ceiling tile type: Drop-in

Pattern #25


Suspended ceiling grids are most commonly found in commercial buildings, ships, and basements. The Drop-in tile simply lays on top of the grid. We manufacture a clip that ratchets over the t-bar, which pushes the tile into place and keeps it from moving.

Make quick work of your project with the right tin ceiling tile types. Take a closer look today!


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