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Tips for Styling Artisan Tin Ceiling Tiles

With the popularity of tract, or “cookie-cutter” housing, people have grown complacently comfortable with having a home that looks exactly the same as their neighbors’ or friends’ homes.

Even the public places we occupy – like hotel lobbies and even restaurants – often adopt a similar design and style, making one seem indistinct from the next.

For those that want to step into their own lane, however, and create living spaces that are truly unique, artisan tin ceiling tiles are one design element that can transform the feel of a room to one of luxury.

Not only can artisan tiles evoke European architecture and vintage beauty, but they will also instantly add an artistic quality to any ceiling, no matter the setting.

 Artisan tin tile being finished by hand.

What are Artisan tin tiles?

All of our Artisan tin ceiling tiles at American Tin Ceilings are finished by hand by trained craftspeople, making them a true treasure constructed with expert skill and care.

These professionals hand-apply layers of color to the tops of each coated panel and then carefully rub parts of the top layer off to expose the metal tile beneath. Since each tile is carefully hand-rubbed, no two tiles are exactly alike, making the finished product a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Artisan tin ceiling tiles are essentially tiles for the ceiling that are made from tin. Besides being featured on ceilings, these types of tiles can also be incorporated to other areas of a home or commercial space that’s in need of decadent, awe-inspiring detail – such as a backsplash, fireplace, or feature wall.

 Artisan tin tiles on a bathroom ceiling.

Artisan tin tiles: color options

Unlike our standard or premium color options (which come in neutral colors or classic metallics), our artisan collection features color finishes that have a distinct, two-tone appeal.

Our artisan finishes include more than 20 hand-applied color options, ranging from gold washed with white to a rich artisan bordeaux. (You can see the full list of Artisan finishes here along with all available patterns.)


Two of the most popular finishes are the Artisan Silver Washed White, which looks fantastic in a contemporary space, and Artisan Copper Brushed Bronze, which has a rustic, European feel.

 Artisan tin tile on kitchen ceiling.

Tips for styling artisan tin tiles

If you’re looking to create an authentic, show-stopping space in your home that feels like a piece of history, the good news is that artisan tin ceiling tiles can complement any interior design style.

No matter if you have traditional tastes or prefer contemporary elements, here are several tips for styling artisan tin tiles:

Traditional + Artisan Soho

If you’re looking to revamp a traditional living space by adding artisan tiles, you can’t go wrong with choosing a finish like Artisan Soho. Both rustic and elegant, this tile finish will pair well with traditional interiors that are centered around comfort, classic colors, and symmetry.

Modern + Oil Rubbed Silver

For a space that’s overtly modern and features clean lines, a monochromatic color palette, and a simplistic feel, tin ceiling tiles finished in Oil Rubbed Silver can really amplify the room and create a sense of drama. This stunning finish is so dark it almost looks black, making it a great choice not just for a moody living room but also for a modern bar space or theater.

Transitional + Artisan Silver Tuscan Bronze

Warm and harmonious, transitional design often combines elements of both traditional and modern sensibilities. In such a space, our Artisan Silver Tuscan Bronze tin tiles can beautifully add to the overall harmony and complement the neutral tones, natural materials, and textural elements.

Looking for other interior design styles that pair well with artisan tin tiles? Check out our guide.


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