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Top 7 Reasons to Buy American Tin Ceilings

When it comes to your ceilings (walls, backsplashes, and other projects) you have many options. Tin tiles are an investment in your design that you won’t regret.

The unique look and feel of a tin tile defines spaces in a way unlike any other. They can be used in nearly any style space from modern to vintage. They offer installation flexibility so you can put them right over existing surfaces easily.

Here are our top seven reasons it’s a great idea to buy American Tin Ceilings products.


Craftsperson works on a tin tile.


At American Tin Ceilings, we’re big on tradition. Tin embossing is a process with a legacy. And we take that legacy seriously. Some of our mold patterns have been around for longer than our company has.

Each of our professional artisans produces a finished piece that simply can’t match high-volume factory product. Additionally, many of the colors and finishes are hand applied. The entire Artisan series is carefully hand rubbed for a unique finish that differs slightly from tile to tile.


Close up of different color and patterns of tin tile.

Made in the USA

Our production center in Bradenton, Florida produces all our tin tiles and ships them all over the world. Not only do we do all the work in the U.S., we also use steel from the U.S.


Tin tiles ready for powder coating.


Though we value the history attached to tin tiles and the making of tin tiles, there is a benefit to adding modern technology to the process.

We use .010 gauge tin-plated steel, and never take shortcuts with plastic, vinyl, or aluminum. Every tin tile (except for unfinished tiles) are powder coated with high-quality formulations by Dupont and TCI.

American Tin Ceilings offers three types of tiles for different installations: nail-up, Snap Lock™, and acoustic. Whatever your needs, we have a quality tile that will meet your needs.


Freshly finished tin tiles hang to cool.


Our tin tiles are a safe building material. You don’t have to worry about lead or off-gassing from the VOCs of vinyl and other plastics. Additionally, our products meet ASTM E 84-03b fire rating requirements. They reduce surface spread of flame and protect against fire damage.


Installed tin tiles in a coffered ceiling.


Many of our patterns and colors are recreations. We’ve surveyed the history of tin tile making and base our offerings on that. We continue to discover new patterns and reproduce them for a new generation.

We also value the authenticity of our tiles in the materials we use and the way we make the tiles. As mentioned before, we use tin-plated steel (just as was used historically). We also rely on tradespeople to hand down their artistic legacy so we can continue to keep the art form of embossing tin tile alive today.


Single panel of tin tiles.

See for yourself what makes American Tin Ceilings special. Order a sample of your favorite and add tin tile to your design.


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