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Walking in a White Tin Tile Wonderland

White is the designer's dream. It sets up a blank canvas that can be created into just about anything. Yet it can also stand alone in dramatic splendor.

Take a peek at how these designs employed white tin tile in many different settings with spectacular results. Take a walk with us in a white tin tile wonderland.

White tin tile in pattern 14 on the ceiling.

Photo by @kerrielkelly on Instagram

This dreamy bedroom employs different shades of white including a bright white in the bedding, trim paint, and the white tin ceiling tile. A tray ceiling is the perfect place to add tin tile for a luxurious detail on the upper surface of the room. This ceiling features Pattern #14 in Artisan Silver Washed White.

White tin tile in pattern 2 on the ceiling.

Photo by @tripleheartdesign on Instagram

Another beautiful tray ceiling in a large bedroom, this tiered approach and high contrast tin tile adds drama to the design. The whitewashed dark color blends the bright white paint with the dark ceiling fan in a sophisticated design. The ceiling features Pattern #2 in Artisan Espresso Washed White.

White tin tile in pattern 2 on the kitchen wall.
Photo by @desertdesignhouse on Instagram

This huge wall in the kitchen is covered in white tin tile all the way up to the vaulted ceiling, which made the space look huge. The size of the wall allowed for a larger sized panel and the bright white lets it blend into the airiness of the design without losing the detail of the pattern and texture. It features Pattern #2 in Bright White Satin.

White Tin Ceiling Tiles

Considered the fifth wall, the ceiling deserves some TLC too. If you need to ease into the idea of using and decorating the ceiling like the other four walls, white tin ceiling tiles are your ticket to success. White is demure enough to remain neutral, and the raised pattern of the tin tiles is forward enough to draw the eye.

As a rule of thumb, choose the pattern size to suit the size of the room. Large rooms can sustain large, multi-panel patterns that cover eight square feet. Smaller rooms should stick to twelve or six inch patterns, which, though small, never lack for a dramatic effect.

White tin tile in pattern 33 on the ceiling.
Photo by @kdanielledesign on Instagram

A distinctive dining room chandelier is made even more unique by the whitewashed tin ceiling tile. The copper peeks through and blends the brighter white of the tin ceiling and painted trim with the warmer white of the beaded chandelier and wall paint. Features Pattern #33 in Artisan Copper Washed White.

White tin tile in pattern 27 on the kitchen backsplash.
Photo by @bschleg on Instagram

Simple design. Simple style. Simple black and white is a classic that never gets old. The simplicity of the design makes way for the ornate white tin backsplash in this kitchen. It features Pattern #27 in Bright White Stain.

White Tin Backsplash

Tin on the backsplash is an element that draws attention. That said you have to thoughtfully use it in your design lest it becomes overwhelming. There are three ways to make tin tile work on the backsplash.

  • Treat it as a statement wall. Instead of using tin backsplash over your entire backsplash, use it more like a feature wall and use it on only one surface. You’ll add the luxurious detail of a raised pattern without enclosing the space by using it on the entire backsplash.

  • Choose white tin for the backsplash. White, especially in a satin finish, downplays the pattern a bit which softens its presence. White also tends to blend better than more prominent colors keeping the backsplash from taking over the design.

  • Use six inch pattern tin tiles on the backsplash. It is a limited space and larger tiles can make the backsplash look smaller (and the room smaller). The backsplash also often cuts off larger patterns not allowing you to see the entire pattern on the backsplash.

White tin tile in pattern 2 behind the bed.
This feature wall behind the bed combines white and the warmth of gold to bring together the palette in the bedroom. The large-scale Pattern #2 in Artisan Gold Washed White adds opulent detail to a large wall with panache.

White tin tile in pattern 7 on the ceiling.
A Brooklyn, New York vintage style salon increased the Victorian vibe with detail at every turn, including the ceiling. One glance up reveals Pattern #7 in Bright White Satin, a tasteful finish to a well-thought out design.

White tin tile in various patterns on the ceiling and counter front.
Gordon’s Blushing Blaricum Coffee house in Amsterdam took seven different patterns all in Bright White Gloss and combined them in a patchwork ceiling and counter front for a unique look. The glossy finish helps the different patterns stand out and makes them a central feature of this space. Uses Patterns #34, #24, #16, #8, #7, #5, and #2.

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