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How Tin Tile Helped Nurture New Businesses

When entrepreneur Ellen Daehnick built out a retail space for her sweet shop, she did it with the future in mind. She knew it needed to be a space that could wear many hats. She wanted it to honor the heritage of the farming community in which it resided in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She also needed it to be a charming space that would speak to the nostalgia of her signature product, artisan caramels.

A Space That Wears Many Hats

The space was originally built out to house Ellen’s first enterprise: Post Oak Hall, featuring Helliemae’s Caramels and Texas-style food. After 18 months, she needed to make an adjustment to her business plan and decided to pursue another dream—one she had planned for from the start.

Ellen had a dream of creating a space that could become a “retail incubator” that would provide a turnkey space with all services included and required no buildout. The space could be leased for one year at a time to help new businesses get off the ground. This meant that the design had to be something that could pivot to suit many different businesses.

The 14 foot walls covered with wide shiplap and exposed beams were the perfect setting to feature tin ceiling panels. Daehnick chose copper finish tin tiles in a star-pattern (Pattern #36). A native Texan, she loved everything about the star pattern and thought it would be perfect for the farmhouse appeal she wanted for the space.

Since its start, the space has been home to a gift and clothing store, Tulaire, and a bridal alterations studio, Tailored in White (Denver location), both of which have found success.

“Stars are hopeful and inspiring. There’s a reason you wish on a shooting star, that you talk about hitching your wagon to a star, that you’re in awe of star power. The idea of bringing that happy energy into our space thoroughly appealed to me.”
-Ellen Daehnick about Pattern #36

The Practical Side

Though the space has a rustic whimsey to it, it is also practical. That started with Daehnick and her husband deciding to do most of the buildout themselves. Aside from tin tile being the right aesthetic for the space, they also knew that tin tile is very easy to install.

In fact, they knew that tin ceiling panels would go up more quickly than drywall and decided to forego the drywall in favor of the tin ceiling tiles.

A Feel Good Space

“People walk in and just smile; it makes them feel good,” Ellen says of her retail space. The cozy ambiance and rustic design feels special for each and every one of the retail businesses that have (and will continue to) pass through it.

The space radiates. “The tin ceiling radiates quality and charm,” said Daehnick. The design radiates welcome. The whole space radiates with the care and attention given to its purposes. It’s a picture of intentional design.

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