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American Tin Ceiling Photo Contest

Win an iPad Mini for the Best Photo Each Quarter! (Retail Value $299)

Show Us Your Best #Tinstallation!

Submit a high-resolution, professional quality picture of a commercial or residential tin installation and our designers will pick their favorite. Minimum requirements are a width of at least 500 pixels with camera settings on high. Preference will be given to DLSR and professional quality photographs. You must include a brief description of what/where the installation is (residential or commercial). You may submit as many photos as you like, and each will count as a separate entry. Photos will be judged on quality (lighting, angle, color, installation type, etc.) by a panel of interior designers.

Click here for full contest rules and conditions.

To enter, share your photos in the app on American Tin Ceiling's Facebook page:

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Photography tips for consideration:

  • Without the rest of the room, the ceiling would not be there! Pay considerable attention to strategically framing the whole room, not just the ceiling. Straight on shots will not be considered.
  • Stage the room and scene. You don't have to put everything away, but we don't need to see your dirty dishes or laundry.
  • Lighting is a key issue. If you have to use a flash, make sure it does not cause hot spots on the panels. It can be difficult shooting reflective material (especially whites), so be sure not to direct the flash onto the panels themselves.
  • Composition plays a major role in any photograph. When thinking about #1, remember to frame the shot with a clear understanding of what you want the photo to look like in the end.
  • You can submit as many photos as you'd like and each will count as a separate entry, but make them count!

Past Winners:

Silvia Saponaro, Cosa Design - May 2014