Shown as four 24" x 24" tiles installed together to indicate pattern.



$2.00 per sq. ft.



$2.00 per sq. ft.

Shown as four 24" x 24" tiles installed together to indicate pattern.

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All colors (except Unfinished) are sealed, finished products with a coat to protect from rust. We recommend that unfinished panels be finished to prevent oxidation. They can be painted or clear coated. Read more...

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  • Bright White Satin
  • Bright White Gloss
  • Matte White
  • Creamy White Granite
  • Creamy White Satin
  • Almond
  • Ivory
  • Carmine Red
  • Silver Granite Satin
  • Textured Black Satin
  • Espresso
  • Black Matte
  • Old Bronze
  • Gun Metal
  • Royal Gold
  • Copper Penny Vein
  • Roman Bronze
  • Bronze Gloss
  • Black Lacquer Gloss
  • Pewter

  • Drop-In

    Fits all standard 2x2 ft. grid systems

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      Fits all standard 2x2 ft. grid systems

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    Solid, non-patterned 24 in. x 24 in. powder-coated drop-in ceiling tiles that fit all standard suspended ceiling grids. Commercial grade tiles priced as low as everyday acoustical tiles. Easily cleanable with just soap and water, our tin is an ultra premium material, designed to last the life of the building and contains a 1 Hour Fire Rating.

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    • Crown Molding C1
    • Crown Molding C2
    • Crown Molding C3
    • Crown Molding C4
    • Crown Molding C7
    • Crown Molding C8
    • Crown Molding C9
    • Crown Molding C10
    • Backsplash Edge Trim Molding
    • Backsplash Inside Corner Trim Molding
    • Drop-In Cross Tee
    • Drop-In Clips
    • $40.00

      Acoustical Pads - 5 Pack
    • $200.00

      Acoustical Pads - 25 Pack
    • $9 - 490 Ct.

      Cone Head Nails - Copper
    • $10 - 490 Ct.

      Cone Head Nails - Stainless Steel
    • $5.50 - 490 Ct.

      Cone Head Nails - Steel
    • $8 - 490 Ct.

      Cone Head Nails - White
    • Spray Paint
    • Touchup Paint
    • Switch Plate #1 - Single Toggle
    • Switch Plate #2 - Single Decora
    • Switch Plate #3 - Single Duplex
    • Switch Plate #4 - Double Duplex
    • Switch Plate #5 - Duplex with Decora
    • Switch Plate #6 - Double Decora
    • Switch Plate #7 - Double Toggle
    • Switch Plate #8 - Toggle with Duplex
    • Switch Plate #9 - Coaxial Outlet
    • Switch Plate #10 - Double Coaxial Outlet
    • Switch Plate #11 - Toggle with Decora
    • Switch Plate #12 - Triple Decora
    • Switch Plate #13 - Triple Toggle
    • Switch Plate #14 - Quad Toggle


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    Many of our colors require unique mixes or a multiple step finishing process. The Premium & Artisan colors can be affected by many factors, so we suggest that you order enough of these panels and moldings to do your job the first time. If you need more of that color at a later date we cannot guarantee that the run will match exactly with your original order.

    Non-returnable: Premium & Artisan colors and Accessories cannot be returned; as well as Acoustical and Metric-Drop panels, as they are made to order.

    Standard Colors: Bright White Gloss, Bright White Satin, Creamy White Satin, Satin Brushed Nickel, Stainless Steel Gloss, Unfinished

    Premium Colors: Matte White, Creamy White Granite, Almond, Ivory, Carmine Red, Silver Granite Satin, Textured Black Satin, Espresso, Black Matte, Old Bronze, Antique Brushed Nickel, Antique Silver Gloss, Gun Metal, Metallic Gold, Royal Gold, Copper Penny, Rustic Copper Translucent, Antique Rustic Copper, Copper Penny Vein, Vintage Bronze, Roman Bronze, Bronze Gloss, Black Lacquer Gloss, Pewter

    Artisan Colors: Copper Burnt Umber, Copper Tuscan Bronze, Copper Patina, Copper Brushed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Gold Burnt Umber, Gold Brushed Bronze, Gold Tuscan Bronze, Silver Burnt Umber, Silver Tuscan Bronze, Silver Brushed Bronze, Silver Washed Pewter, Silver Washed White, Gold Washed White, Gold Patina, Copper Washed White, Oil Rubbed Gold, Oil Rubbed Silver, Bordeaux, Soho, Silver Patina, Espresso Washed White