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Just released! Experience Pattern 42's stylized look and feel.
American Tin Ceilings

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Create a room of distinction by adding a trim accent to the walls. A way to create warmth and add visual interest, wainscoting is both decorative and protective, providing additional fire protection to your home. It is also a surprisingly inexpensive way to conceal imperfections or even out warped walls.

How to Shop: 

  1. Choose Your Pattern – We offer 35+ designs in 24” x 24” panels. While any pattern can be used, 12" and 6" repeating patterns are recommended for aesthetic appeal. Nail-Up tin panels are used for wall applications and can be easily installed with a construction adhesive like  Liquid Nails© or AcrylPro®. How high up on the wall you should go is personal preference, but in general, use the rule of 1/3s. If the ceiling is 9 feet tall, you’ll want about 3 feet of wainscoting.
  2. Pick a Color – After you’ve selected a design, you can view various colors by family to find the perfect combination. All our patterns are available in 50+ high quality powder coated finishes, or you can purchase them unfinished to paint yourself.
  3. Add your Accessories – M1 or M2 flat molding can be used as base rails, chair rails and/or as stiles every 4' to give an even more a classic look, while G1 corner molding is ideal for outside trim. For a low profile, our Edge Trim molding is a great way to finish the edges.