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Are American Tin Ceiling Tiles Eco-Friendly?

If you care about the environment and adopting a sustainable lifestyle, you may be concerned with what products you’re using in your home - and rightfully so. Your home is the place where you spend the most time with your loved ones so you want to ensure your family is happy and healthy. With many building materials getting a bad rap for being full of toxic chemicals, you can rest assured our tin ceiling tiles are not only eco-friendly, but completely safe.

Ceiling Tiles

Benefit #1: Made from recycled material

Our American-made tin ceiling tiles are manufactured from solid steel sheets repurposed from the automotive, appliance, container, industrial machinery, construction, and oil and gas industries. By controlling the entire process from stamping to shipping, we can guarantee our finished ceiling tiles are made from only the best materials at the lowest price.

Benefit #2: Powder-coating vs. painting

Many paints emit volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) as they dry, which can degrade the indoor air quality or cause breathing problems and other health effects. VOCs also affect outdoor air quality when released in large quantities, which is why our tin tiles are powder-coated. Powder coating is a process by which a powder formulated of polyester resin, pigment, and occasionally pulverized metal, electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the tin panels. Since powder coating uses only dry paint, it emits very few VOCs into the air and requires no special venting. Newer, more environmentally-friendly paints also emit fewer VOCs but are in limited use for painting metal.

Benefit #3: Fire Safety

Any building material is given a fire rating for how long it takes to burn. Some metals like aluminum and steel aren’t combustible, but buckle under intense heat. Since our tiles are made from T1 grade tin plated steel, they are 0.010″ thick and quite resilient. An average household fire burns at 800 degrees, whereas our tin tiles have been tested to withstand a 1000-degree flame for over an hour, giving you plenty of time to get out safely.

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