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How Much Did it Cost to Buy & Install Your Backsplash?

May 13, 2014

After seeing this article from Apartment Therapy, readers were trying to get a basic sense of how much installing a tile backsplash costs from materials to installation. While we can’t speak for every type of tile, here’s our answer for how much a tin backsplash costs and how much you can save by doing it yourself instead of hiring a contractor.

Hard costs - Obviously the biggest fluctuation will be how many square feet you need which depends on the size of your kitchen.

Tin Tiles - The average cost for one of our tin backsplashes is just $96 (plus $25 for shipping). That includes 8 24"x 24” nail-up panels in Antique Brushed Nickel at $12 a piece (one of our mid-range colors). That amount of material would cover 16 feet of wall in a normal sized house. Our tiles are priced by color, ranging from $7 to $36 a piece for hand painted artisan finishes. You can also purchase unfinished tiles for just $6 and paint them yourself.

Materials - No wood is required; all you need to install a tin backsplash is Liquid Nails ($3-4 online) and Tin Snips ($20) to cut around your cabinets. We also recommend decorative cone head nails available in steel, copper, white, or stainless to match your tile color ($5.50-10 a box), but standard brad nails can also be used (approximately $10 for a pack of 5000, available from your local hardware store).

Optional Accessories – We offer J-Channel Molding for backsplash and wall applications to provide a more finished look. The edge of the panel slips into the 1/4” channel and is sold in four-foot lengths in every color ($14-22). We also have decorative switch plate colors that match each of our finishes from standard to artisan to cover unsightly light switches. Available in singles, doubles, triples and quads, these range in price from $5-$15. So as you can see, the total cost will depend upon the options you choose, but is still completely affordable.

Installation - Our Nail-up panels are an easy weekend DIY project designed to take no more than a few hours. Depending on your area, contractors charge on average $30-$50 an hour. Just by choosing a tin backsplash, you’re saving yourself $50-$100 by installing it yourself, not to mention the sense of pride you’ll get from completing the project!


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