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How much does it cost to install a tin ceiling?

July 8, 2014

Due to their decorative and ornate nature, when people see tin ceilings, they automatically assume they’re extravagant and expensive, a luxury only accessible to the ultra wealthy. You may be surprised to learn that they’re actually so affordable anyone could add a beautiful tin ceiling to their home. With almost no installation costs (an easy DIY project), all you’re paying for is the materials, which depends on your color selection and room size. Here are some price estimates based on color group (Unfinished, Whites and Silvers, Coppers, and Artisan) so you can start daydreaming about where to put your new ceiling.

Estimates are for an average room size of 10’ X 14’ in Pattern 2 (our most popular), being shipped locally (35630), including a few extra tiles for mistake prevention. Finished and unfinished projects come in under $1000, while hand-painted artisan finishes are still less than $1500.

Unfinished Tiles ($6-7 per tile) – Over 50% of our sales are for unfinished tiles because they’re so cheap. For Nail-up or Drop-in orders, this would be just over $320, while SnapLock™ would be $430.

Whites and Silvers ($13-15 per tile) –An average room size for a Nail-up or Drop-in installation would be $540, $620 for SnapLock.

Coppers ($19-22 per tile) – $765 for Nail-up or Drop-in projects, $875 for SnapLock™.

Artisan Finishes ($38-42 per tile) – $1465 for Nail-up, Drop-in or SnapLock™.

Backsplash - An average tin backsplash costs just $96 + $25 for shipping. That includes 8 24″x 24″ panels in Antique Brushed Nickel costing $12 each (finished tiles range from $7-$36) and would cover 16 feet of wall area in a normal size house.

For a personalized estimate or free consultation, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, live chat or phone. Our cost calculator is also a great resource that can give you a custom quote based on your room size, pattern, color choice, and zip code.


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