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Faux Metal Backsplash vs. The Real Deal

Love the look of tin backsplash but think it might be easier to use peel and stick vinyl backsplash or cheaper to go with the faux metal backsplash?

Vinyl backsplash enjoys great popularity because it comes in so many different looks and is really easy to install. However, within peel and stick vinyl backsplash lurks some deeper problems that might make you think again. Take a look at this comparison of metal vs. vinyl and consider the differences for yourself.

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Water Resistance

Your backsplash takes a beating. It’s exposed to splashes of all sorts so it’s important to have a surface that can stand up to the rigors of the kitchen.

Faux Metal Backsplash

Generally made of vinyl or PVC, faux or peel and stick vinyl backsplash is only superficially water resistant. It withstands water on the surface but moisture can easily get behind the vinyl and cause problems. This is the primary reason they are not rated for use in a shower.

Metal Backsplash

With its tough powder coating, tin tile backsplash is water resistant and rust resistant. Depending on the type of installation, you can achieve a watertight backsplash. Tin tiles have been installed on backsplashes for 150 years and the method for keeping them watertight has been perfected over time.

Our specialized backsplash panels have a ⅜” nail rail that overlaps with other panels for tight seams. We recommend that the tin panels be installed with a liquid nails adhesive and then nailed down. This combination provides the most watertight result.

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Durability Factor

For something intended to protect your kitchen, you want your backsplash to be super durable. It’s got to stand up to lots of wear and tear.

Faux Metal Backsplash

Adhesives on the back of most peel and stick vinyl backsplash materials don’t wear well. When exposed to the consistent heat of the stovetop, sunlight, etc., it tends to pop loose and bubble up or even detach from the wall completely. Heat and sunlight can cause the vinyl to off-gas as well, emitting toxic chemicals into the air.

Metal Backsplash

Metal tiles are secured with more than just a flimsy adhesive backing. We recommend a combination of liquid nails and screws or nails (depending on the type of surface you’re installing on). That combination keeps your backsplash perpetually secure. Tin tiles have always had excellent durability. Contractors are still finding them in great condition in historic buildings well over 100 years old. Our tin is actually steel coated with tin then finished with powder coating—an improvement on the original that extends their durability even further.

Making Healthy Choices

If you are concerned about making your home safe from toxins, you’ll want to choose materials for your kitchen that are healthy and safe.

Faux Metal Backsplash

Peel and stick vinyl backsplash, and all vinyl products are made with polyvinyl chloride, also called PVC. It is a highly hazardous substance that contains phthalates, lead, cadmium, and organotins. When it is new it emits toxic gasses into the air. It can continue to produce these toxic gasses when exposed to heat at even low temperatures like you would use for the laundry or showering, and definitely for cooking.

Vinyl is linked to many illnesses and environmental pollution. Another toxin PVC emits is dioxin, which can be absorbed through the skin and stored in fatty tissue in the body. Dioxin is linked to reproductive and immune illnesses and also causes cancer in lab animals. The World Health Organization classifies it as a human carcinogen.

Metal Backsplash

Metal doesn’t emit gasses and is not influenced by high temperatures like PVC. All our tin tiles are powder coated and baked at a high temperature reducing potential danger. They are a much better option for a backsplash than vinyl.

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Adding Value to Your Home

Each addition and renovation you make to your home should be aimed at ensuring that it increases the value of your home.

Faux Metal Backsplash

Peel and stick vinyl backsplash is generally not an addition that adds value to your home. Think of it like this: marble on the backsplash adds considerable value to your kitchen. Vinyl that looks like marble materials doesn’t carry much value by comparison.

Metal Backsplash

Tin tile is an architectural feature like stone or ceramic tile that permanently changes your kitchen. Tin tile specifically carries historic and design value that gives your kitchen a boost. Choose a tin pattern and color for your backsplash that will stand the test of time. White and other neutral colors are excellent choices. A pattern that doesn’t compete with other elements of the kitchen but blends it all together will always look nice.

In the comparison of metal vs faux metal vinyl backsplash, there’s a clear winner. Make the choice that will benefit your pocketbook and your health and enjoy authentic metal tiles on your kitchen backsplash.

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