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Get Outside: The Best Exterior Tin Installations

March 24, 2014

With spring weather begging you to start your gardening and landscaping projects, we’re here to remind you that tin ceiling tiles look just as great outside as they do inside. Our tin tiles are perfect for wainscoting, finishing a patio, or as window or roof trim. Our creative customers have used them for everything from flower boxes to fence design- the only limit is your imagination. Rust and water resistant, you won’t have to worry about them being affected by the elements, as our powder-finishes are strong and designed to last for years. What creative installations can you come up with?

On the Fence

Using a variety of patterns, colors, and custom stains, this Florida gal hand-finished a fence using our tin ceiling tiles. The end product is bold, bright and definitely makes a statement that she has the most unique house on the block. Be the envy of the neighborhood with a tin fence.

As a Trim

This beautiful coastal home uses stainless steel tin tiles to accent a patio door and call attention to the big bay windows. Metallics make a great accent to the painted grey exterior, adding a modern, contemporary touch to this beachy property.

As a Flower Box

Similar to our DIY tutorial for a Christmas tree holder, tin ceiling tiles can also be used as a beautiful flower box. Make your garden shine with copper planters boxes full of all the latest herbs and seasonings to spruce up your cooking, kitchen and taste buds.

Soffits/ Eaves

One of the most unique exterior installations, Terry Simmons, a residential and commercial designer from California uses our tin tiles as soffits for one of her roofing projects. Inspired by old-world opulence, the project is a replica of the original wood coffered ceiling in the 1850s Kellogg Mansion (the cereal baron). The look and feel of the copper underbelly adds an interesting and polished accent to an often overlooked design area.


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