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More Than Just Noise: The Benefits of Acoustic Tin Tile

Picture this: you’re out to dinner at an upscale restaurant with a large dining room. The food is good and the conversation’s even better. Well, at least you think it is.  

The chatter and commotion of the busy dining room are way too loud for you to even think straight, let alone hear the guests at your table. Even though you enjoyed the food, the inability to have a clear conversation is a bit of a letdown. 


Has this ever happened to you? If so, you’re not alone. 


Excessive noise is a common problem for many cafes, lobbies, bars, and other common spaces. You decide to install acoustic ceiling tiles in strategic spots. But let’s be honest, the typical tiles are cumbersome, unappealing, and disrupt the interior design. 

Want a ceiling tile that’s simpler to install, looks great, and preserves the unique look of your interior all while decreasing noise by up to 85%when combined with an acoustical pad? 


Tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles by American Tin Ceilings are the answer to loud dinners, noisy lobbies, and mediocre concerts. But what exactly is it, and will it really help reduce noise? Read on to find out! 


How’d It Get So Loud in Here? 

To fully understand how tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles work, you need to understand how sound travels around a room. Simply put, sound waves are like bouncing balls, but on a much greater scale. 

“I think of a sound wave as a super ball,” said Ken Lindfors, a product engineer at American Tin Ceilings. “A super ball bounces off every hard surface until something slows it down.” 

If you’ve got a large space with lots of noise, that’s like several “super balls” bouncing around that need to be slowed down.  

So how do tin-style acoustic tiles effectively control sound? Each ceiling tile panel is micro-perforated and placed on top of an acoustic pad. While that may seem counterintuitive, the perforations are designed to allow sound to pass through and hit the pad, deadening the sound.  

The tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles from American Tin Ceilings block more sound than typical tiles. How? The answer is in the materials. 


Choose Higher Quality for Lower Volumes  

A large, empty ballroom.

Tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles are specially designed, noise-reducing tiles made from authentic, T1-grade, tin-plated steel. While the name implies a ceiling-only installation, these tiles can be installed on the wall, depending on your project. 

Combined with an acoustical pad, acoustic ceiling tiles achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of .85. That’s up to 85% less noise and echo—15% quieter than the competition— with just two simple ceiling components. 

Acoustic ceiling tiles work great without jeopardizing your safety. In a third-party test, these tiles were awarded a:


  • ASTM E-84-03b: fire rating
  • Class A flame spread
  • Class A smoke development index 


Check out the American Tin Ceilings’ acoustic tile page for more product specifications and benefits. 


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To Drown Out Sound, Nail It Down

Tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles may be complex, but they’re easy to install. Compared to the typical installation process, these tiles can be nailed into place to save time and energy. 

Wondering how it works? For a nail-up installation, all you need to do is: 


  1.  Make a grid out of wooden 2x4s
  2. Attach the grid to your existing ceiling
  3. Staple or nail the acoustic pad and tile panels into place 


You’ll breeze through your project without sacrificing quality.  

Is the tried-and-true method more of your style? These specialty tiles can also be installed through a drop-in grid system. 

It’s never been easier to get high-quality acoustic tiles where you need them most. Still need convincing? Once you see the unique style offerings, you’ll never go back to ordinary ceiling tiles again. 


Style and Sound Are the Perfect Harmony 

An empty restaurant booth featured tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles above.

Tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles are high performing, and they look great too! Think of them as the dynamic duo that keeps on making hit after hit.  

With over 50 attractive colors and several luxurious patterns to choose from, these specialty tiles can’t be matched anywhere else. Looking for a color that compliments your interior? There are three main categories to consider: 


  1. Unfinished: These types of tiles come without any color, powder coating, or sealer applied.

  2. Standard & Premium: Standard and premium tiles come pre-coated in a baked-on, polyester resin for a finish that lasts a lifetime. These tiles come in several different neutral and metallic color combinations, like bright white, ivory, metallic gold, copper, and black.

  3. Artisan: Artisan tiles are powder coated and include a hand-applied color coating that’s rubbed off strategically and professionally finished. The result is a more distressed, aged look you’d find in a historic building—like an old courthouse or a performing arts venue. Popular colors include gold with brushed bronze, oil-rubbed gold, silver-washed white, and Bordeaux (a darker, amber brown). 


Paired with the right decorative pattern, your tiles will amp up the style while dialing down any out-of-control noise.  


The Best Places to Use Acoustic Tin Tile

An empty restaurant with a bar area to the right.

With so many choices at your disposal, tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles work well in almost every setting. That includes many commercial settings, like: 





Retail Stores 


When it comes to a better guest experience, Lindfors says that good acoustics are a no-brainer: 

“A restaurant that has the best food in town, but their reviews say that nobody can hear anything in the restaurant because it's so loud, they want to do something to fix that,” he said. “This is a nice way to fix it.” 

Lindfors added that while “95 plus percent” of American Tin Ceilings orders come from bars and restaurants—including numerous notable steakhouses—he’s also worked with music venues across the country to optimize sound distribution for better live music productions. 


No matter where you plan on using them, tin-style acoustic ceiling tiles are sure to stifle out-of-control volume, spruce up your décor, and satisfy your building’s occupants. 

Want tin-style acoustic ceiling tile at your local business? Find the perfect design today! 


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Can I Install Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and/or Pads Without Nailing Them Up? 

For a typical suspended ceiling installation: 


  1. Pre-install a metal grid onto your ceiling

  2. Drop the acoustic tile panels into the grid

  3. Use a drop-in clip to clip down the panels
  4. Throw the acoustic pad on top, leaving a bit of space for the soundwaves to travel 


How Big are the Pad and Panels? 

Measurements for Drop-In Installations:

  • Acoustic Pads: 23-7/8" x 23-7/8"

  • Acoustic Panels: 23-7/8" x 23-7/8"

Measurements for Nail-Up Installations: 

  • Acoustic Pads: 24-1/2" x 24-1/2"

  • Acoustic Panels: 20" x 20


Will the Holes Clog when I Finish the Product? 

According to Lindfors, powder coating, faux finishing, painting, and staining will not clog the perforations. To err on the side of caution, use spray equipment rather than a brush or roller. 


Do You Need to Take the Acoustic Pad out of the Bag? 

You can leave the pad in the bag during the installation process. 


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