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Tin Panel Production Process

We pride ourselves on offering American made products. But as one of the only on-shore tin ceiling manufacturers and suppliers, you may be curious how we can offer the lowest prices in the world for finished tiles without sacrificing high quality materials. We’ll break down the process for you:

American Tin Ceiling Company purchases large coil stock from US Steel.

Based in Pittsburg, PA, US Steel manufactures a wide range of value-added steel sheet and tubular products for the automotive, appliance, container, industrial machinery, construction, and oil and gas industries. They primarily operate in the United States, Canada and Central Europe and an annual raw steelmaking capability of 29.3 million net tons. We have developed a great relationship with them over the years so we are able to negotiate the lowest cost of raw materials for you. They cut the coil and ship it to our manufacturing and design planet in Bradenton, FL.

We stamp and emboss the metal.

The 24x24 tin tiles are stamped and embossed by passing through one of the three presses in our 33 pre-designed patterns. The tin is ready to ship if purchased unfinished and start from just $6-7 a tile. We stock over 100,000 unfinished panels in our warehouse so almost everything is available on hand. We highly recommend that unfinished panels be finished to prevent oxidation and rust. They can be painted or clear coated.

Add the color.

If it is purchased in a color, the tiles are then sent through one of the powder coating lines and baked in an oven. Our finishes offer a variety of superior quality colors not offered by other manufacturers. We have developed our own custom formulated colors and antiquing methods from industry leaders like Dupont, Tiger DryLac and TCI that you won’t find anywhere else.

Powder coating is formulated of polyester resin, pigment, and occasionally pulverized metal, which are electrostatically charged with opposing currents and sprayed onto the panels. This electricity ensures the product surface is evenly coated with long lasting adhesion. The coated tiles are hung on a conveyer belt and run through an automatic powder booth, where guns are used to spray powder onto the panels. Once the color is on, they are put into a 400-450 degree oven to cause the pigments to melt and gel to the tiles.

Orders are shipped by a variety of carriers depending on your location, and the size of the order. We ship globally and offer the best prices available, often over 50% off standard freight rates through large volume deals negotiated with FedEx, Con-Way, and Southeastern Freight.