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And Now, Our Feature Presentation: 4 Fun Small Home Theater Room Design Ideas

Grab the popcorn—if you have the urge to watch the latest and greatest movie premieres or old-time film favorites, skip the expensive cinema (and concessions). Since 2020, staying home is in—especially with screen time.

A home theater really needs only a few essentials: a good sound system, TV or projector screen (of course), and comfy seating. When it comes to crisp and clear audio, look up . . . literally. Yes, your ceiling type plays a big role in surround sound, and can make or break your sound quality—and thus, your overall movie or Netflix marathon experience.

Did you know that American Tin Ceilings offers acoustic tin tile that is excellent for loud rooms? If not, tune in: our acoustic tin tiles are the same durable T1 grade tin-plated steel tiles you love, but designed with surround sound in mind, featuring allover micro perforations that help reduce up to 85% of outer noise and room echo (when used in conjunction with acoustical pads).

So if you’re looking for the ultimate entertainment and media space with excellent sound effects (and one-of-a-kind style), look no further. Stay in, kick back, and scroll down for four stunning small home theater room design ideas (featuring . . . all-star acoustic tin tile walls). 

Old Hollywood Film Scene

Admission: one ticket to a Hollywood film scene, best seat in the house! Aside from lights, camera and big-screen action, style your at-home theater with luxury red velvet recliners on a tiered platform (worth building), blackout curtains, and goldtone metal accents. Then set the scene with entertaining elements like neon signs, black-and-white prints of classic movie stars, and a retro popcorn machine for free refills.

Spotlight on Acoustic Tin Tile: 

To keep the room soundproof, a dazzling metallic squared acoustic tin tile ceiling like Pattern #6 or #30 adds classic glamor (and crystal-clear projection sound). For style reeled several decades back, adorn the ceiling with Gothic floral Pattern #5 for an immersive Golden Age cinema experience.

Game Day Lounge

Who said small home theater room design ideas can’t include a sports lounge? For athletic enthusiasts, turning a spare room or basement into a multi TV/surround sound entertainment space for game time is a dream come true. Make this vision a reality with sink-in leather armchairs and recliners, your favorite sport team memorabilia and photos on the walls, and a wood home bar or bar cart to keep drinks flowing and appetizers rolling.

Spotlight on Acoustic Tin Tile: 

When it comes to small home theater room design ideas, you’ll be a fan of a tin tile ceiling that exudes a historic Old World bar feel. Try the beveled clover/thorns design of Pattern #12 for European flair, or other medieval-inspired patterns like a hammered “X” design of #31 or mid 18th-century style of #21.

Bollywood Dreams

For those who like to think outside the traditional box office, go boho with a cozy and vibrant Bollywood aesthetic. Known for elaborate song/dance sequences, you can bring India’s film industry to life in your own small home theater room with mixed prints, patterns, and rich jewel tones on ottomans, floor cushions, pillows galore, and global-inspired decor. Add Moroccan lanterns for ambiance, and airy sweeping canopies for a magical touch to movie nights in.

Spotlight on Acoustic Tin Tile: 

For exquisite surround sound and additional flair, install a worldly acoustic tin tile ceiling in detail-rich geo designs like the Mid-Century Pattern #18 or #41. For a more vintage-eclectic vibe, try the beautiful drama of a four-eyed/floral medallion design of Pattern #24.

VIP Country Club

While it’s fun to go wild on small home theater room ideas, why not rein in a scheme that is equal parts refined and relaxing? An equestrian-inspired space that mixes industrial and modern farmhouse features will make movie time feel historic yet inviting. Try distressed cream-colored couch sectionals, a cowhide rug, and a mix of light and dark metal and wooden accent pieces (Old Western movies not required!).

Spotlight on Acoustic Tin Tile: 

Not all ceilings have to be black in a home theater. Add an acoustic tin tile that makes the sound come alive (and exterior sounds out) with an antique washed acoustic tin tile design in Pattern #2. If you prefer more modern flair, go for square Pattern #1; for antique revival, try the stately trefoil design of #16


That’s closed-captioning of our small home theater room design ideas, but don’t be afraid to try your own fresh takes, too. No matter what your personal cinema looks like, don’t forget to consider upgrading your ceiling (and surround sound) with acoustic tin tile for striking looks and sounds in your intimate space.

When checking out the array of pattern and color selections on American Tin Ceilings website, be sure to select “Acoustic” under the Panel Options pull-down (Acoustic panels are available with select patterns, although there are plenty to choose from!).

Show us your home theater room design ideas with us on our social media pages—we can’t wait to see your five-star cinemas . . . and acoustic tin tile ceilings.

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