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4 Home Office Trends to Elevate Your Workspace

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how and where we work. If your role has shifted and you now work primarily from home, you’re hardly alone – a whopping 4.7 million Americans work from home a majority of the week.

At first, working from home might seem like the bee’s knees. You get to be comfortable and cozy, you can ditch your time-consuming commute, and you’ll end up saving money on things you’d usually purchase when heading to and from the office.

But working from home can also be a pain if you don’t have a dedicated workspace. Without an office space that inspires you and makes you want to get down to business, your work week will seem like a real slog.

Luckily, we’re here to talk about 4 home office trends that you can easily incorporate into your at-home workspace. With any of these trends anchoring your home office, you can quickly give a boost to your productivity and create a beautiful, separate space for your work.


Large office with tin tile ceiling.

1. Add Eco-Friendly Elements for a Calming Ambiance

One of the top home office trends in 2022 is to add in natural, eco-friendly design elements. Instead of closing off the windows with curtains, let in as much natural light as possible! This will not only make the space more sustainable, as you will reduce your energy consumption, but natural lighting will also create a brighter and welcoming workspace.

It’s a good idea to add a few plants to the room, which are great for mental wellness and purifying the air. Finally, opt for some eco-friendly furniture made from materials like bamboo or recycled plastic. Not only are these materials easier to clean, but they will last longer than traditional office furniture.

2. Create a Vocal Point on the Ceiling with Tin Tiles

If you’re looking for a way to make your home office really stand out, why not refine a part of the room that’s usually left white and untouched, like the ceiling? Integrating a design element like modern tin tiles is a fabulous way to create a focal point that will elevate and tie together the entire workspace.

You can opt for a really ornate look and add in tiles with silver or gold finishes, or you can choose tin tiles with a matte white finish for a more subtle look. No matter what finish you decide on, this is one design trend that is sure to take any space from drab to fab. If you need a little visual inspiration, here are a few examples of home offices with stunning tin tile ceilings!

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Large home office with wood paneling and tin tile ceiling.

3. Wow with Your Walls

Since the main part of any home office will be centered on the desk and chair, it’s important not to neglect the rest of the space when thinking about decor. If there are four plain walls staring at you with no frames, artwork, or shelving, it’s time to get creative and wow with your walls.

Make a dedicated Zoom background by choosing a vibrant wallpaper for one of the walls. You can also design a gallery wall that’s flanked by differently-sized paintings, black-and-white photos, or other framed mementos. Since walls are usually a blank canvas, they give you the chance to reflect your personal style, values, and whatever brings you joy.

4. Pay Attention to Harmony

We’ve all heard of the elements of feng shui and how the overall flow of a room can impact your mental and emotional well-being. In your home office, it’s essential to make sure everything is in harmony.

From the pattern of your carpeting to the organization of your files, decorate your workspace with the same themes you use in the rest of your home. This will make the space much more pleasurable to work in, as it will feel just as warm and comforting as the rest of your home.

By integrating storage that eliminates paper messes, adding bookshelves to free up space on your desk, and coordinating the colors of the decor, you can give special focus to the synchronicity of your home office, which will in turn boost your productivity.

Make working from home your preferred way of work by creating your ideal office space with any of the design trends listed above. Moving onto the kitchen next? Here are some of our favorite ideas for revamping your backsplash.

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