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5 Reasons You Need to Shop with American Tin Ceilings

As with every other company in the world, we would love to be the only company that offers our product, but that is just not so. We will always have competitors and that's okay because it pushes us to always be our best, so you always get the best products and service possible. Every day our team of dedicated staff strives to go the extra mile to ensure that all of our clients' needs are me—and we carry this philosophy into every aspect of our operation, from product development and manufacturing to client relations.

Here are five things that set American Tin Ceilings apart as the leader of the tin tile industry in the US.

Your Safety Matters

Our ceiling tiles are painted using powder coating, which eliminates the risk of VOCs (toxic chemicals that can cause breathing hazards). VOCs are found in liquid-based paint, but with our powder coating, the process is dry and risk-free to your family and friends. Another great feature of our powder coating is that it is flame-resistant. As you know if you have ever had a fire, that is one hour of extremely valuable time, which can be the difference between life and death.

Stay Green

All of our tin is the product of reused tin. That means that each tin tile you purchase is directly helping the environment by reducing waste. Being green is a big deal in today's world as each of us has a responsibility to help the environment. You can purchase our tin tiles with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have selected a sustainable product that reduces waste and also poses no threat to air quality.

Options for Everyone's Style

Did you know that we offer multiple tin products well beyond tin ceiling tiles? In addition to our tin ceiling tiles, we also offer backsplash, wall tiles, wainscoting, and special project tiles. That means that you can use our products in every room of the house, and even outside, whether you want to enhance your fence or patio, add some style and fire proofing to your outdoor kitchen, or have other creative ambitions.

Design Planners Available

Not sure how you want to use our tiles, or maybe undecided about the color and pattern you like best? Don't stress! We have designers on hand who are ready to help you pick your perfect pairing. Whether you want to install wainscoting or you are only looking for a ceiling, our designer will help you determine your measurements, the best style for your space, and the right installation technique for your needs.

Finishing Touches

While some companies may offer similar products, you need to also remember the finishes. At American Tin Ceilings, we also offer trim to finish your job with smooth edges and a cohesive, finished look. There's no point in investing your time and money to install a backsplash or ceiling and then leaving the edges undone. But don't worry. Our sales team and designers will make sure you have everything you need from start to finish to ensure your install is done correctly and that you get the desired finish you want.

American Tin Ceilings is a value-based company that wants the best experience and product possible for our customers. When you work with us, you get the advantage of added safety with each of our products, sustainability and proven green certification, patented product quality, one-on-one designer insight to plan every step of your install and finish, and quality customer service that leaves a lasting impression. Choose American Tin Ceilings for your project today and you'll be telling all of your friends tomorrow!

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