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8 Reasons to Get an At Home Bar

And Why You Shouldn't Go Another Holiday Season without a Home Bar

Just in case you need one more reason to start on that home bar, here are seven. Here's why you shouldn't go another holiday season without an at home bar.

You're the Boss

Public laws and rules (written and unwritten) can sometimes limit your enjoyment of the bar. How many times has a holiday evening been ruined by the unavailability of your favorite liquor?

With an at home bar, you'll never run into these problems again. You are the boss. You are in charge of how your bar runs, what selection is available, and when it's time to call it a night.

You also dictate the design and creature comforts of the space. It can have a swanky style, party atmosphere, or be the center of fun and games. It's up to you.

Pick A Corner

A bar can be as simple as a cart with all the elements and implements for some simple mixed drinks. Or it can be kitchen sized complete with sink and temperature-controlled wine cellar. It's a space dedicated entirely to party fare no matter its size or location.

You can nestle it in a corner of the basement game room or convert an entire room. An at home bar can even take up part of the kitchen space you use every day.

Maybe you undertake a remodel project to add a permanent fixture or simply add an antique buffet and some bar stools to the space. Wherever you put that bar, be sure it's ready for Santa's visit. He's sure to need some refreshment when he stops by.


Cart bar in a basement speakeasy style renovation.

You'll Love the Company

A home bar never has unsavory company (unless your nosy neighbor sneaks in uninvited). You and your guests can dance the night away, play games, or whatever else you love to do.

Love the bar but wish you could enjoy it in peace? A home bar lets you enjoy all the benefits of a private bar. Invite as many or as few friends as you wish.

No More Ubers

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about calling an Uber after an evening at the bar? With an at home bar, you're already home and won't have to call for a ride ever again.

If your friends need a place to stay, your guest room is just down the hall. You'll be doing your part to keep everyone safer with an in home bar.

Quality Guaranteed

You're the one who's curated and cared for your collection of fine wines, whiskeys, and bourbons. You know the quality of your liquors and exactly how much you have. You won't have to worry about the bar running out on a busy holiday evening with a home bar.

You can also guarantee that each of your drinks is mixed to perfection. There won't be any extra water added to top off a drink. There won't be any misheard orders or ending up with a drink you didn't order.


At home bar complete with pool table.

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Staying Home Is the New Going Out

The Pandemic changed the way we do many things. You probably stayed home a lot in the last year plus. Entertaining at home replaced going out and that trend will continue. An at home bar allows you to become the place where friends and family gather safely.

It's Cleaner

An at home bar is far cleaner than a public one. Questionable bathrooms will be a thing of the past and you won't have to worry about the cleanliness of the glasses or the last time the bar was sanitized.

It Costs Less

In the long run, it costs less to have your own bar than it does to go out to one. When you go out, you have the added costs of gasoline, parking, and/or taxis to account for, all costs that are eliminated with an at home bar.

It's also less expensive to buy the whole bottle than a single glass. When you go out, you usually buy a series of drinks, which costs more than buying a whole bottle or case. You can stock your at home bar with your favorites in bulk and save a bundle.

It's time to bring the bar home. Don't try to get through this holiday season without an at home bar! It will transform the way you celebrate now and into the future.



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