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9 Tin Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Ceramic tile on the backsplash is old hat. If you're looking for something a little different that has the capability to add visual interest, personalize the kitchen, and even define your design, consider tin tile on the backsplash.

Here are examples of nine beautiful kitchens that each used tin tile on the backsplash a little differently but the result is always the same: a standout backsplash.

This behind-the-stove backsplash blends the generous use of white and stainless steel giving the kitchen a feeling of harmonized design. Features Pattern #3 in Artisan Silver Washed White, 6 inch repeating pattern.

Pattern #3 

The use of a single tin ceiling tile on the backsplash as a medallion adds some rustic-elegant detailing against a transitional design. Features Pattern #12 in Artisan Gold with Brushed Bronze. *Please note that all our backsplash tiles are protected with a clear coat that makes them appropriate for the hazards of the backsplash. Our Artisan finish ceiling tiles do not come with this clear coat but can be custom ordered with the clear coat. Please call us to place your order.

Pattern #12

A small, in-kitchen workspace/bar is brought to life with pattern and color that stands out yet draws on every color in the palette. This backsplash commands attention. Features Pattern #35 in Artisan Gold with Brushed Bronze, 6 inch repeating pattern tin tile on a 24 inch tile. *Note that if some patterns like Pattern #35 are no longer available on the website, they may be available through our partners at Home Depot, Houzz, and more.

Achieve a high-contrast design with panache like this full wall backsplash. The Artisan finish brings out the intricacies of the pattern and draws the eye. Features Pattern #3 in Artisan Oil Rubbed Silver, 6 inch repeating pattern.

The bright nature of this kitchen begs for a tin tile backsplash that reflects light and accentuates color. Under cabinet lighting brings out the details of the pattern and the tin tile reflects lighting onto the countertop. Features Pattern #3 in Satin Brushed Nickel.

Minimalism reigns supreme on this tin tile backsplash. High contrast, smooth finishes, and geometric shapes will keep this kitchen endlessly fresh. Features Pattern #19 in Black Lacquer Gloss, 6 inch repeating pattern.

Pattern #19

Our most popular pattern, #3, has Victorian influences, but that doesn't stop this modern minimal kitchen from embracing it perfectly. Features Pattern #3 in Artisan Copper Washed White, 6 inch repeating pattern.

Pattern #31

A traditional backsplash can steal the show as it does in this bold kitchen. The tin tile is a contemporary design with hammered fill that introduces a metallic to the rich wood and deep stone at work in the rest of the design. Features Pattern #31 in Satin Brushed Nickel, 6 inch repeating pattern.

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