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Promote the Color Black from Accent to Neutral Starting with Black Tin Ceiling Tile

The color black is everywhere in design, although generally as an accent rather than a key player. What about flipping that long-time design standard on its head? What about using the color black as a neutral that you can use liberally in your design? We're here to tell you it can be done. Here are a handful of ways you can do it.

Gloss vs. Matte

The finish on black tin ceiling tile or paint, or any other black element in your design can have a huge impact on how the bold color interacts in the room. According to physics, black absorbs lightwaves, while white reflects them. White is a favorite for inviting light in and making spaces look bigger. Black is favored for making things more defined and smaller looking (why the little black dress came to fame). This is partly why designers use black in limited quantities. But no more.

This is where gloss and matte come in. Gloss adds a bit of shine that can help black to reflect some light and expand a space. Matte has a softening effect that makes the bold color more neutral. All the finishes in between gloss and matte, like satin, have varying levels of reflection and softening capabilities so you can adjust to suit your room perfectly.

Contrast In Design

Adding the opposite of black, white, is the easiest way to incorporate more black in your design. Since they are opposites, they cancel out some of each other's cons and promote each other's pros.

Use black and white in equal amounts across your design to bring balance to the boldness that is black. Or you could use white as an accent in a more black-influenced space for a stunning result.

Black Tin Ceiling Tile

A developing trend that we're keeping a close eye on is what the design community is calling “the fifth wall”, aka, the ceiling. It's often given the same treatment as a feature wall with a bold color or design feature that invites residents to look up. Black tin ceiling tile is the perfect addition to the ceiling.

Adding the color black to the ceiling makes it a part of the design instead of ignoring it and hoping that other elements make up for its bareness. Black tin ceiling tile brings depth and serves to make the space more dynamic.

Dark and Light

Similar to white, lighter neutrals like beige or gray, help balance the color black. A little goes a long way. Put the lighter neutral on trim and accents throughout to add context to your use of black.

You could also try using different shades of black. Kohl or charcoal softens up the black palette. Human eyes look for differences and focus on them so using lighter shades of black draws some of the focus from the pure black and helps it blend as a neutral.

The Rule of Three

In interior design, the rule of three means that grouping items in odd-numbered sets makes them stand out as a memorable feature of a design. Why not use the rule of three with the color black to make it more present in your space?

Go for larger items to make a bigger impact like a couch, rug, and accent chair. You can add other accessories in black to reinforce your design. Just make sure you keep it to odd numbers and you'll be good to go.

Color Blocking

You don't have to paint an entire wall or cover an entire ceiling to gain the benefits of the color black. Try color blocking, or the use of large stripes or shapes of color on the wall. Paint the bottom half of the wall then add a chair rail to divide the wall. In bedrooms instead of a headboard, paint a black rectangle (or use black tin ceiling tile) to make an alternative headboard

Natural Black

Have you ever thought about the fact that there is a lot of black in nature? You'll see a lot more black than you will white if you pay attention. Use this concept to your advantage and put plenty of black in areas that have large windows so you won't detract from the natural environment.

Paint the wall or trim around the windows black, or better yet, install a black tin tile wall. It will make the greenery of the outdoors pop and become the central focus.

Monochrome & Texture

You already know and love the feature wall. Consider a black feature wall and break it up with plenty of texture. A black tin tile is a great way to do this or you can also do it by ensuring that everything against that wall is black. Texture draws attention and will allow the color black to become merely a background, in true neutral fashion.

Ready to add the color black to your design? Our selection of black tin ceiling tile comes in over 40 patterns and both glossy and matte black colors plus some distressed Artisan colors that let the tin shine though like Oil Rubbed Silver or Silver Washed Pewter. Check out your options today!

Black Tin Ceiling Tiles

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