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Creative Projects: Furniture with Tin Tiles

The unique elegance and durability of tin tile makes it perfectly suited for more than just the ceiling, wall, or fireplace. It also makes a great addition to furniture. Some very creative people have introduced tin tile to their repurposed furniture and other projects with spectacular results.

6” Repeating Patterns: The Ideal for Furniture Projects

Many tin tile patterns are huge. It’s what makes them beloved. But a large size is limiting when it comes to furniture. That’s why the 6” repeating pattern is perfect. It’s smaller size ensures you can see the whole pattern and won’t have to cut it off awkwardly.

Tin tile is easy to cut with simple tools you already have in your garage, like tin snips. Be cautious of sharp edges as you work with cut tin tiles. Don’t forget to consider moldings and trims to finish your project.

Whatever you’re imagining, tin tile is the perfect material for your project. Take a look at some favorite furniture with tin tiles our customers have shared with us.


Piano with tin tile on the front.
The cut out sections of this upright piano needed replacing and this 6” repeating pattern was there to answer the call. Pattern #3 in Satin Brushed Nickel added the right amount of luster to make this piece stand out with panache.


Birdhouse with tin tile roof.
An assortment of tin tile patterns in varying colors made the perfect roof for this stylish birdhouse. The artist gave the tin a slight bend to produce the upturned edge. Kudos for creativity!


Headboard with blue tin tile.
Tin tile headboards are wildly popular as a DIY project. They provide unique patterns and vintage styling that you simply can’t find in the furniture store. Use them in any configuration. A patchwork type look like this one (in Pattern #5) is trending. You can even mix patterns or colors for a more rustic look.


Console with tin tile on the front.
Where there was once glass, tin tile makes an appearance in this repurposed console. The bright Stainless Steel Gloss color (Pattern #2) against the black painted wood makes an elegant contrast. It makes it easy to see why furniture with tin tile works so well.


Light fixture made with tin tile.
This creative use of tin tile invites you to look up for an unexpected design feature. The 6” repeating pattern tiles (Pattern #3) fit perfectly in this DIY light fixture. The Edison bulbs and vintage style tin tile set the stage for a neo-Victorian design.

Furniture with tin tiles creates an aesthetic that you just can’t find anywhere else. Unique yet tasteful, these repurposed projects set apart the home’s design as something special.

Want to see all the 6” repeating pattern tin tiles so you can start planning your creative project?


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