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Easy DIY Updates to Make Your Airbnb Rental Extra Appealing to Guests

We all have that one catch-all space in our homes that tends to be a little disjointed and less of a priority when it comes to interior design. From makeshift spare closets that hold your luggage and out-of-season clothing to work-from-home offices set up in guest bedrooms, it’s actually quite common to have a space that is lacking functionality and purpose.

If this sounds like a space in your home, it may be time to transform this extra space into something worth showing off – and worth renting out to guests! In the spirit of the side hustle, you may have wondered, “Should I renovate for Airbnb?” The answer is most definitely yes! Taking on a short-term rental renovation and turning your catch-all space into a place where guests can feel at home is a great way to make a pretty profit.

As you start the project, remember that the success of your short-term rental will depend on stellar reviews. So how can you make sure that the renovated space feels less like a spare room and more like a boutique hotel?

Here are 3 budget-friendly ways to elevate your guest space so that it leaves an outstanding impression on all of your future visitors.


Silver washed white tin tiles on a wall with coffee station.

1. Make it grand with silver washed white tin tiles

Of course, comfy furnishings and textiles are non-negotiable in a cozy guest space, but if you really want to wow your guests, then it’s critical to focus on the finer details – like luxury materials. There’s no greater feeling than walking into a space and feeling overcome by small, artistic elements.

One surefire way to achieve this is to incorporate silver washed white tin tiles to the ceiling or along an accent wall. Artisan tiles will immediately elevate the space, creating a sensation of luxury and grandeur that shows your guests you went the extra mile to beautify the rental. Timeless, eye-catching, and easy to install, you’ll likely hear “Oh, I just love the ceiling!” as soon as guests walk in, which will certainly contribute to a five-star review.


Wall covered with storage cubbies for guests to store items.

2. Provide a dedicated area for organizing belongings

One often overlooked feature of a guest space is an area for their belongings, such as luggage, outerwear, and other baggage. If your visitors don’t have a place to put their belongings, they will feel cramped and won’t be able to fully settle in.

To show your visitors that you thought about this small but important detail, make sure there is a dedicated area for organizing whatever they brought along with them. Whether you add in coat hooks, a luggage rack, a dresser, or a bench or ottoman that includes storage, there are countless creative ways to help make unpacking a breeze for your guests.


Small guest kitchen with sink and prep space. White tin tile on the backsplash.

3. Set up a special station for refreshments

We expect hotels to offer refreshments in the form of a mini fridge or coffee stand, but in a short-term rental or Airbnb, guests will view this little bonus as a pleasant surprise! You can place an electric kettle or coffee maker along with coffee mugs, tea bags, sugar packets, and other fixings on the dresser or bureau.

You can also put out a basket with some simple treats like bags of pretzels, snack bars, wrapped baked goods, or candies. If you have the space for it, incorporating a mini fridge (even if it’s in the closet!) can also be a great addition to your guest space. Just make sure to keep it stocked with some fun beverages!

Looking for additional ways to level up your guest space? Here are other creative ideas for boosting the aesthetic of any room and making the décor more eye-catching.


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