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On the Hunt for Home Design Inspiration?

Starting to see room scenes recycled on Pinterest? Not sure where to go next to get some inspiration? Whether you're a “show me” type or you like to do a little creative thinking on your own, there are many resources to get you started.

Scroll down for a few of our favorites for home design inspiration.


It's for more than just seeing what your friends and family are up to. Instagram is the home of countless trend-setters, style-influencers, and design experts literally showing you each and every one of their projects. Get started with one of these:

    If those designers don't jive with your particular brand of interior design, run a search for what does interest you—you'll bound to find a designer (or 5) who's already doing the kind of work that you'll love!

    Blogs & Websites

    Blogs and websites on interior design are plentiful. Content is king, and provides an organized way to curate some of the best design photo shoots and tips in the world . . . all in one. These types of evergreen content online also makes your home design inspiration search much easier. Enjoy these long-time home design and renovation favorites:

      Many brand websites like AmericanTinCeilings.com offer inspiration galleries and resources. These are especially helpful if you're working with a particular material or element that you need some inspiration on (like tin ceiling tile). Take a look at our tin ceiling inspiration webpage full of images, stories, and expert tips:

      Take A Mesmerizing Scroll Through Our Tin Ceiling Inspiration Page

      On-Screen Home Improvement Shows

      Go ahead—sit on the couch for home design and renovation inspiration! TV networks like HGTV and even Netflix are packed with innovative and tried-and-true home improvement inspiration.

      Regardless of your home design aesthetic taste (from modern farmhouse or vintage lovers to mid-century modern or Cali coastal fans), there's a show on before-and-afters, tips, renos, flipping, styling, and more for everyone in the family:

      Home Show Exhibits

      Aside from TV shows, the good ol' in-person home show is still around and kicking. What better way to find inspiration than to take a peek at someone else's home? Look around your area for both home shows in a convention center type setting and home tours where you actually go around look at people's homes.

      If all else fails, create your own home tour by looking closer when you visit friends. They'll probably be glad to tell you about the renovation adventures and show you all the features they love (and hate) about their interior design.

      Woman taking a walk in a wood.


      There's an endless supply of inspiration all around you just taking a nature walk. Pay attention to the colors, lighting, and shapes and think about how they translate into the interiors of your home.

      Nature is particularly good at layering—a big concept in interior design. You'll spot how shapes, textures, colors, even lighting don't come in just one type. There are multiple variations on a theme that create a depth in design that only mother nature could perfect.

      This exercise takes a little brain power, but if you're the creative type, this is just the thing for you.

      People browsing in a large art gallery.

      Art Museums

      Another one for the creatives, browsing art museums can be helpful as you seek design inspiration. Study the way artists put colors together, how they create depth using light, and how they draw attention to particular parts of their work.

      Also take note of how the art is displayed. The frame can change the way the work feels and blend it into its surroundings. The museum itself can be inspiring. Architecture and how the design is melded into that architecture offers you something to think (and gaze) about!

      No matter how the day goes at the museum, you'll be sure to walk away way with new ideas about color palettes. You'll better understand how to tell a story or create a feeling in your space—and how important it is to blend all the elements together into one cohesive whole.

      Vacation Rental & Real Estate Websites

      Get a grasp on what's valuable in interior design by looking at other people's homes online. Vacation rental sites and real estate sites invite you to take a look and get inspired. Homes on the market are often recently renovated so you can get a sense of what's on-trend (without ever having to step foot inside!). Sometimes professionally staged, you can also see what types of decor work in a space as well.


        Many forms of design follow the same concepts. Developments in interior design often follow fashion. Remember when the color blush became big in fashion? It wasn't long before blush made its way into the interior design world.

        When Fashion Week pops up in your feed next time, click through and see what's up. You might just find the aesthetic you wanted for your living room rug.


        Magazines (yes, they still publish them!) are great resources, especially if you're a tactile or visual type who wants to build an inspiration board. You can also get magazines online. Cut and pasting onto a digital inspiration board is almost as good as tearing a page out of a magazine. Here's a few magazines (and their online articles) that always catch our eye:

          Many lifestyle magazines offer inspiration on interior design as well if the specialty magazines prove a little hard to come by. 


          So the next time Pinterest fails you, turn to one of these resources . . . or our own American Tin Ceilings Pinterest page!). Wherever you scroll (and click), there's an endless supply of home design inspiration right at your fingertips—if you know where to look. Happy hunting!

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