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Creative Uses for Tin Ceiling Tile

Tin ceilings carry a nostalgic style that is reminiscent of the Art Deco period popularized in the late 19th century. Tin tiles are often used to restore historic Victorian homes, however, they can still be incorporated into modern and contemporary designs. Here are four creative uses for tin ceiling tile.

Walls in the Home

Metal makes a bold statement and many wouldn't even know that these tiles are incredibly affordable. You can use this calculation to make sure you have just enough to get the job done.

(Ceiling Width x Ceiling Length)/4 x 0.02(for waste) = Number of 2×2' Panels

As an example, our panels cover 4 sq feet. So a 10' x 12' room would be 120 sq ft/4= 30 panels

Tin Tile Walls

It's probably best to choose between tin ceilings or tin walls because both may be overwhelming as there will be no breaks in the room. Decorating walls and ceilings in the same way also lower the perceived height of the ceiling, making rooms look and feel smaller.

Backsplashes in the Bathroom or Kitchen

Tin tiles are non-porous so they won't stain or retain scuff marks like other materials. This makes them ideal to use as backsplash in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Carrera marble countertops have a gorgeous grayish blue color palette that pairs well with the bold look a tin backsplash provides. Both materials are easy to clean, making your life simpler. Reinforce Victorian age decor with a vintage bath vanity that captures the classic style of this timeless fashion. Optionally, you can tile the entire wall in your bathroom to improve lighting. SnapLock tiles can be used for the ceiling, but Nailup panels are more appropriate for a backsplash installation.

Outdoor Planters

You can use tin tiles for just about everything! Decorate small planters to make them pop! There are no special instructions for using tin in the garden, simply follow the normal installation guide. It's really something that will stand out and give a unique character to your backyard with minimal effort.

Tin Tile Garden Planter

Picture Frames

This is a creative use for tin tiles. Maybe you have a few left over and want to decorate. Take a bland wooden picture frame and accent it with tin, using Liquid Nails as an adhesive. This can be a fun craft to try out with the family as you flip through photos and reminisce over the happy memories.

Benefits of Tin Ceiling Tiles

As a metal, tin acts as a natural fire barrier. This can be an additional incentive to install tin ceilings throughout your home. Tin is also a cost-effective alternative to sculpted plaster ceilings. Embossed tin ceilings create an incredibly powerful impression.


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