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What’s On Trend for the Statement Wall in 2024

The statement wall has woven itself into designs in every room of the house and throughout commercial design for many years. It’s the easiest way to add some panache and personality to your design.

There are many ways to dress up that little spot of wall that will define your space. Here’s what’s on trend in 2024.


Living room with large wall covered with floral wallpaper.



The next easiest option is wallpaper. It comes in all sorts of colors and patterns and is simple to install. Large-scale florals on dark backgrounds are especially popular in 2024. A geometric pattern is also a winner. Whether you go with a high contrast pattern that sets a dark color against a light background or a more muted tone on tone look, the geometric pattern is a stand-out design.


Bedroom statement wall with white and gold tin tile.



One of the biggest trends in statement walls in 2024 is texture. Adding something to the wall that gives it a different texture from the rest of the room is a fresh way to make a statement in your space.

There are plenty of ways to create texture. You might simply do some custom drywall finish texture then paint over it. Or you might use beadboard or trim to do some wainscoting. Another great option is a textile with plenty of touchable texture. Our favorite is tin tile. Select a pattern and size that suits the size of your feature wall for an attention-grabbing display.

Half Statement Wall

Instead of covering the whole wall in a bold color, wood plank, or wallpaper, just go half way. This approach isn't new. It's a classic move for wainscoting that you can extend to other materials or even paint. Add an interesting edge to make the transition between the two halves and your half wall is complete. 


Home bar with black statement wall.



A major trend in 2024, a single black (or dark) wall makes the perfect backdrop for a dramatic design. Layer it with contrasting art, furnture, and colors and you're in business. 

A black statement wall is one of the quickest and more affordable options for an accent wall as it only requires some paint and a little diy attitude.

Color Blocks

Make your statement wall an artistic installation by creating an arrangement of colorful blocks on the wall. This trend blends geometric shapes and bold colors into one beautiful, and trending wall. 


Wood plank statement wall behind bed in large bedroom.


Wood Planks

The plank wall is still alive and well in 2024 and it makes a classic feature wall. Wooden planks can be placed horizontally or vertically. You can select any type of wood you want and stain it in any shade. You can glue it to the wall or you can go rustic and let the nails show. Any way you spin it, it’s a beautiful look that suits many styles from farmhouse to hygge.

Mirrored Wall

A throwback from another era, the mirrored wall is starting to make a comeback. Instead of one big mirror, opt for smaller mirrors in geometric shapes then place on the wall in groupings. 

Mirrors will expand the space and arranging multiple smaller mirrors will give it more interest than just a reflection of the room. 

Give your space a refresh in 2022 with an on-trend statement wall. They are a quick and affordable update with a maximum impact.


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