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6 Kitchen Backsplash Trends in 2021

Looking to give your backsplash an update? Maybe you’re planning an entire kitchen design and want to make the backsplash special. Either way, the backsplash is an opportunity to make your kitchen design stand out. Here are some basic concepts that can help you create an on-trend backsplash.


Of the many kitchen backsplash trends in 2021, there is one that influences all the others. This leader among trends guides the other concepts and corrals them into one harmonic whole. We’re talking about the resurgence of craftsmanship. You’ll see bespoke, handmade, and hand painted elements sprinkled throughout all kitchen design trends this year.

Patterns and shapes incorporate quilt motif geometric patterns. Textures are organic rather than mechanical. Finishes, even the glossy ones, invite custom bits here and there that give the kitchen a touch of the unique and personal.

Designer, Mark Cravotta, explained 2021 as a time for more than polished granite and typical subway tile backsplashes. 2021 kitchen backsplash trends open the door for high-quality, personalized details.

Features Pattern #3

1. Seamless Aesthetic

A sense of seamlessness pervades many of 2021’s kitchen backsplash designs. Where we once separated the backsplash from the rest of the room, the seamless approach makes the backsplash just a piece of the greater wall.

Get the look by covering the entire wall, not just the backsplash, in the same tile, paint, or stone you’ll use for the backsplash. You’ll be surprised how it makes the kitchen feel larger and how the room becomes more than a functional space.

Do It with Tin

Covering an entire wall with tin tile increases your options. Usually you’d use a six inch repeating tile but since you’re not limited to just the backsplash, you can go with a larger tile.

Features Pattern #31

2. Patterns & Shapes

Colorful geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns are popping up everywhere this year on the backsplash. Some even embrace a quilt block motif. Patterns this year are bold and meant to take center stage.

A beautiful hand painted tile in the right colors is exceptional. Don’t be afraid to contrast the backsplash with other elements of the kitchen. Contrasts in pattern or shapes are similar to contrasts in color. If you have a checkered pattern on the floor, use circular shapes or scroll patterns on the backsplash.

Do It with Tin

Tin tile has patterns and shapes in spades. All you have to do is pick the right pattern. This star-shaped pattern is excellent for kitchens in need of some angles. There are also some beautiful geometric shapes like concentric squares that suit this trend perfectly.

Features Pattern #35

3. Textures

Along with the handcrafted sensibilities that drive trends in 2021, a leaning toward the organic and natural is also a big influence. You can see this easiest in trending textures. This year the favored textures are ripple-esque or even floral.

Select a tile with undulating waves or a natural, lightly-textured wallpaper for the backsplash. You could also opt for some texture applied directly to the walls prior to painting. A stone-look Santa Fe or orange peel texture would be perfect.

Do It with Tin

Once again, tin tiles are an obvious choice for adding texture since they are pressed metal made to replicate European plaster work. For a more natural texture, consider floral patterns like Pattern #17.

Features Pattern #3

4. Finishes

With all the emphasis on organic and handcrafted, you might be surprised that the trending finishes this year are all reflective. But that doesn’t mean that those handcrafted details aren’t still there.

Choose glossy ceramic tile for the backsplash or be bold and try out mirrors or glass. Hand Painted detailing on a reflective surface balances the edginess with softness.

Do It with Tin

Metallics are perfect choices for a reflective surface. Our selection of tin backsplash tile offers nickel, stainless, copper, bronze, and more. Or select a gloss finished color for that reflexive quality without the metallic.

Features Pattern #19

5. Size

This year’s kitchen backsplash trends turned to larger-scale sizes. The backsplash, a smaller space, often gets stuck with smaller materials but all that is changing.

Think beyond mosaic tiles or 3” x 6” subway tiles. Go with a larger pattern. Especially if you decide to take your backsplash material all the way up to the ceiling, a larger scale is ideal.

Do It with Tin

Pick big bold patterns in tin tile to give your backsplash that large-scale feeling. Or if you have the space, think about using a ceiling or wall tile in the place of a backsplash tile.

Features Pattern #3

6. Color

The name of the game for color this year is saturation. Pantone selected a vibrant yellow, Illuminating, as their color of the year. If you’re going to do color, do it all the way.

Of special note is the color scheme blue and white. They are classic and pure, and great examples of trending color this year. Whether you go with a darker navy blue or a brighter hue, combined with pure white, it is a timeless palette.

Do It with Tin

It’s a bit unexpected, but tin backsplash tile comes in vibrant colors, including red, blue, and green. You might also want to consider any of our Artisan colors. These are hand-finished colors that layer metallics and color for a historic tin tile feel. Either way, tin tile is right on trend.

Learn about more trends and how you can use tin to bring them into your design.

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