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Top Victorian Interior Design Trends of 2024

Victorian design trends are one of the most recognizable looks in all design. Its luxury, opulence, and fine detail have stuck with multiple generations of interior designers. We still see echoes of Victorian influence in design today.

After years of more stark minimalism and modernism, the last several years embraced a softer approach. We spent more time at home during the pandemic surrounded by uncertainty, and that resulted in the desire for more comfortable settings. Comforts and luxuries are a top trend for 2024, the likes of which any Victorian would approve.

The overall impact of the Victorians on today's trends can be summed up in one word: luxury. Here's a look at some top interior design trends of 2024 born of Victorian influence.


Theater room with tin tile ceiling in the Victorian style.

Tin Ceiling

In North America, many who desired a classic European look, such as decorative plaster ceilings, opted instead for a faux option. Tin ceilings were intended to look like plasterwork but were simply painted tin. This adjustment to the tradition meant lower costs and a product that didn't require the expert tradespeople only available in Europe.

Tin ceiling is making a comeback lately. Today's options are available in simpler, cleaner colors and patterns that suit contemporary styles making tin ceiling a great option for any design style.


Large game room with tin tile ceiling in copper.

Warm, Organic Wood

A top interior design trend of 2024 includes all things organic and handcrafted. Front and center of this trend is wood. Light, dark, knotty, veined, and everything in between.

Wood has been making its way into interior design more and more. Plastics, acrylics, and everything man-made has fallen out of favor.

Wood on the floor is fairly standard, but look for it elsewhere, like on the ceiling, walls, furniture, cabinetry, even countertops. Other natural materials embraced in the Victorian era like glass, textiles, and greenery are making an appearance in 2024 trends also.

Organic Shapes

The clean-lined Modernism of the last few years is beginning to fade away in favor of a more rounded aesthetic in 2024. The Victorians value of craftsmanship and attention to detail resulted in many curved, natural lines in their furniture, decoration, and patterns.

Today look for rounded, more organic edges in furniture and scrolling patterns in wallpaper and textiles. Opt for rounded shapes in your design choices. You don't have to make everything rounded, just mix in a bit to get that luxurious, comfortable appeal.


Victorian styled living room with velvet sofa.

Luxurious Velvet

You may have seen velvet creeping into interior design mostly on couches and other upholstered items in the last few years. Velvet is unmatched as an item that can introduce a luxurious influence in a design. 

Velvet is rich in color (another Victorian influence), which can add even more comfort and warmth to the space.

Use velvet beyond the couch in the drapery or even as a part of rugs. Any and all upholstery in velvet is a great idea too.

Warm Colors

Cool colors, especially cool gray have been the favorites on the color palette. But 2024 trends see a shift away from this back to warmer tones. Beige is making a comeback. Greens and blues are leaning to the warmer side too.

Gray isn't out of the picture yet. You'll still see plenty of gray this year, but it will be a warmer gray, especially greige. And gray will often be used in combination with other colors to soften them.

Victorian-influenced kitchen with tin ceiling.

Classy Gold Tone

Speaking of warmer colors, gold tone is making a comeback in recent years and 2024 will only increase that. Bright and luxurious, gold has an opulence that comes straight out of the Victorian era. Add gold tone with brass faucets, knicknacks, and other detailing.

Get double the Victorian impact with a gold tin ceiling tile applied to the walls, ceiling, or as an accent elsewhere. Select a distressed gold-washed look or straight up gold with no distressing.

Go for the Gold

Luxury Lounge

If there was one thing the Victorians knew how to do, it was luxury. This era is the poster child for intricate detailing, luxe materials, and bespoke craftsmanship. They certainly spared no expense. Though it may not be something you can do in every room of the house, a huge trend in 2024 is creating one opulent room: the lounge.

With no other purpose than to look good, designers are embracing the luxury lounge as demand for a luxurious backdrop increase. Instagrammers, YouTubers, and Zoomers alike all want a beautiful space that's always ready to be on screen.


Victorian styled bedroom with vintage wallpaper.

Wonderful Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around for centuries, but the Victorians were especially enamored with it. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has an excellent collection of Victorian era wallpapers. The wallpaper trend has been growing for a couple of years and 2024 will continue to see a rise in wallpaper, especially stand-out patterns.

Victorian wallpaper favored curvaceous repeating patterns and foliage/floral motifs. Those are the exact patterns that abound in 2024. Don't be afraid to go with one with lots of color, especially rich, warm colors.


Our list would not be complete without a nod to the revitalization of Victorian styles in the contemporary design atmosphere. Neo-Victorian style is a recognized design aesthetic that uses dark colors, mixes of patterns, lots of details, and dramatic features. It functions as part of the maximalism undercurrent in the design world that is slowly transforming our taste for minimalism into something more.

Steampunk is an alternative style that has a firm grasp in the design world. It straddles the gap between farmhouse style and vintage for a new aesthetic that's gaining popularity fast.

The top interior design trends of 2024 were clearly influenced by the Victorian era and all its wonders. After a period of minimalism, there's starting to be room for some of the luxury of these gone-by trends to make an appearance again.

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