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How to Elevate Your Entryway Design

Your entryway is one of the most important areas in your entire home. Think of your entryway as a preview of what’s to come; the first impression your houseguests get. You really want to set the expectations here by introducing your design and providing a space that’s welcoming without being overwhelming. 

So how do you elevate your entryway design? It’s easier than you think. Here are a couple of ideas that you can use to make your entryway much more welcoming.   


Add a Statement Piece 

Our suggestions for a statement piece, including a new rug and light fixtures.

If entryways are all about impressions, then why not make a bold statement right from the get-go? Adding a statement piece is an easy and effective way to accomplish the feeling you’re looking for. Here are a few statement piece ideas to consider: 


  • Artwork: Do you have a stunning piece of artwork you need to hang up? Adding it right when you walk inside draws all eyes to it and immediately starts a conversation. 
  • Light Fixtures: It’s common to see bolder light fixtures like chandeliers in the entryway area. But any type of foyer lighting in an interesting shape or style will certainly make a statement. 
  • Rugs: The right type of rug is just as bold and intriguing as other types of statement pieces. Whether you’re looking for contrast or collaboration with the rest of your design, make sure you consider the color, pattern, and size of the floor area before you buy. 


Redefine Your Focal Point 

American Tin Ceilings tiles in Pattern 2 beings used as a focal point.

The focal point of any space plays a key role in its look and feel. But if you walked into your entryway, would you be able to identify the focal point?  

Using a statement piece, like one of the options above, is only a part of what you should consider. Here are a few other variables you need to keep in mind: 


  • Height: A natural focal point is eye level—around 60 to 65 inches high—so find that point then place any décor or extra design features around that height. 
  • Shapes and Sizes: Whether it’s natural parts of your architecture or added products, geometric shapes and larger-sized elements will naturally draw in your eye and create a focal point. 
  • Colors and Patterns: An eye-catching color or an impressive pattern will create a focal point while adding to the design scheme of your home.  


Make Some Space 

A list of storage products, including Weston White Shaker Cabinets by the RTA Cabinet Store.

Does your home need more storage space? Add it to your entryway! Not only is entryway storage practical and convenient, but it also creates a focal point if you position your products correctly. Here are a couple of products that are design-friendly and storage savvy:  


  • Coat Racks: Using a coat rack gives you some added storage space while providing an extra element of shape and texture to your entryway aesthetic.  
  • Closed Cabinets: If you love storage and the look of cabinets, put the two together with a vanity-style closed cabinet—like these from the RTA Cabinet Store. 
  • Open Shelving: Install open shelving to store plants, pottery, candles, or any other accessories. It will create plenty of appeal alongside the more practical attributes. 


Look to the Wall 

A list of wall products, including American Tin Ceilings tiles in Pattern 23 with a Royal Gold finish.

Wall décor is important all over your home, and your entryway is no different. After you’ve picked out your focal point, it’s time to rethink your wall using these renovation ideas: 


  • Tin Wall Tiles: American Tin Ceilings has over 40 different patterns to choose from in an easy nail-up application. 
  • Wallpaper: Adding wallpaper gives you a great design that’s easy to remove if you change your mind. 
  • Personal Pictures: Design is all about the personal touches, and what’s better than hanging up some pictures of your kids, pets, or best vacation moments? 


And just like that, you’ve elevated your entryway into something your guests won’t stop talking about! 


Want more inspiration for your entryway (and any other room of the house)? Check out our inspiration gallery. 


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