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How to Install and Care for a Tin Backsplash

So you've decided your kitchen needs a little pick me up and the perfect solution is a beautiful and affordable tin tile backsplash? Good choice.

For any DIYer or halfway handy homemaker, installing a tin backsplash is an easy project that can be accomplished in as little as a few hours to make a world of difference in your kitchen design.

How to Install a Tin Backsplash in 3 Easy Steps

Determining Panel Quantity

Step 1: Choose Your Pattern and Color
For backsplashes, we recommend patterns that are 6” repeating since the space between your kitchen counter and cabinets are a smaller than a ceiling. The tighter patterns will open the space up and make it look larger than it is.

Step 2: Order Your Panels for a Nail-up Installation
Nail-up panels are the traditional way to install tin tile backspalsh. They come with a 1/4" perimeter nail rail that overlaps the tile next to it, bonded with a wood substrate.

Step 3: Get it up!
When your tiles finally arrive, follow our easy how-to video for installation. Start in the kitchen corner and work your way out. Measure 24” from the corner (the size of each panel), and then determine the height of your cabinet area, which tells you how much you will need to cut.

Use a straightedge square ruler to make sure your marks are even. Follow the outside of your marks with tin snips, pulling up as you cut. Squirt Liquid Nails along the edges of the nail rail and along any high points in the tile. Hold the tile against the wall for a few seconds to make sure it sticks.

Cut and glue the next tile in the series, affixing the nail rails on top of the first tile. Secure them to each other and the wall with three brad nails. Continue this process until you reach the edge of the cabinets, where you will want to consider adding molding for a decorative finish.

If you need to cutout any spaces for outlets or other protrusions, measure as you did for the height and use a drill bit to get the hole started to cut with your tin snips.

How to Clean a Tin Tile Backsplash

Our tin ceiling tiles can be cleaned with just mild soap and water. We are often asked if they will rust over time, and the answer is no, our tiles are rust-resistant. They are also extremely heatproof, so no need to worry about the oven or any other kitchen appliances damaging the tin.


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