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How to Shop Black Friday Home Improvement Sales

Not every Black Friday sale is created equally. Some look like a good deal but aren't really. Others do turn out to be screaming deals. Especially when it comes to Black Friday home improvement sales, you need to know which items are your best bet (like tin tiles sales) and which aren't worth it.

The following will help you pick the best deals and avoid the stuff that you could get at another time with better results.

Big-Ticket Items

Most of the Black Friday sales you see are for big-ticket items. Stores save the best deals on their most expensive items for Black Friday and the holiday season.

You really will see some amazing discounts on TVs and furniture. Same goes for home improvement items like appliances, big tools (table saws, tool chests, etc.), flooring, cabinets, lighting, and more. Black Friday is really a DIY home improvement dream come true.

Tip: From kitchens to bathrooms, patios, fireplaces, and beyond, tin tiles sales make for an easy and (extra) affordable DIY project, too.

Home Tech

All things smart home will go for a discount at Black Friday. Look for deals on home security (Ring type systems) complete with cameras. Other home tech like smart or learning thermostats will be good buys too.

If you work from home, you'll be glad to hear that mesh wifi systems will go on sale too. Start looking early. Many tech sales begin early but offer the same deals as the day-of sales.

Tip: Don't forget: acoustic tin tiles sales are key here as well, helping to reduce room echo and noise up to 85% in your entertainment or media rooms.


You won't get as good a deal on singular, lower-priced items as you will on the big-ticket items. But if you can find what you want in a set, you might find the deal you're looking for. Tool sets, washer and dryer sets, patio sets, etc. all offer more for the money during Black Friday sales.

Tip: If you're interested in aesthetically enhancing any of these indoor or outdoor set pieces you buy, don't forget to take advantage of tin tiles sales (especially with all the extra money you've already saved)!  

That Item You've Been Waiting For

It's totally worth the wait to find out if a particular item you've had your eye on will come at a discount during Black Friday home improvement sales.

If you want to be in the know early, try a website like blackfriday.com which gives your favorite companies the opportunity to give a sneak peek on what the sales might look like.

When you know what you want but then watch the prices and sales, you'll get a sense of the scope of discounts available. Black Friday is the last sale of the year and often the biggest. Fingers crossed you'll find the best price of the year, but if not, at least you know when to look for it in the coming year. 

Tip: Tin tile sales as an easy and affordable DIY project counts, too!

Specialty Items

Specialty items don't often go on sale, or at least the discounts don't vary much over the course of the year. Black Friday may be one of the only times you'll see specialty items go on sale.

For instance, some home decor stores have amazing discounts only a couple times per year at undisclosed times. Figure that out and you're home free.

Adding uniqueness to your home is super on trend, but also super expensive.
You'll definitely want to shop your specialty items around Black Friday for the best deals.

Tip: Why not consider Artisan tin tile sales for one-of-a-kind style (and savings)?


The deals on essentials that you buy week in and week out for your home, like filters and cleaning products, won't seem to be as good of a deal during Black Friday. That's just because the discount doesn't look as dramatic as the bigger-ticket items.

While everyone else is rushing the electronics department, pick up a deal on the things you always need.

Think Outside the Big Box

Most of the time, you go to big box stores to take advantage of deals. However, you might be overlooking some of the best Black Friday home improvement sales simply because you're not looking in the right places.

Just about everyone tries to get in on the Black Friday action. Even if you don't see it in advertisements, it doesn't hurt to ask HVAC suppliers, landscapers, even carpet cleaners about deals they are offering near Black Friday.

TipAlong with all the other appliances and DIY buys, tin tile sales may just be the priceless investment you've been waiting for.

Ready for those sales? (psst . . .tin tile sales count!). This year let your search include Black Friday home improvement deals you can take advantage of to keep your home projects moving. 

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