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If These Walls Could Talk...

What Our Customers Are Saying about Tin Tile

If your walls (or ceilings) could talk, how would they feel about tin tiles? What would they say about American Tin Ceilings? Clearly the walls aren't going to do any talking, but your next best bet is to listen to people who have experience with tin tile. Let's start with American Tin Ceilings itself.

American Tin Ceilings is a premier provider of tin ceiling and wall panels or tiles. The tiles harken back to the Victorian era and many of American Tin Ceilings' patterns are replicas of original tin tiles taken from historic buildings. A blending of hand-craftsmanship and modern technology, the tiles bring a historic aesthetic with up-to-date durability. Choose from 40+ patterns in 53 colors that suit both vintage and contemporary designs.

American Tin Ceilings keeps exceptional craftsmanship and customer service at its heart. This is not only reflected in the quality of the product, but in the experiences customers have with the product and the company.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of American Tin Ceilings' customers have to say about it.

"They are just beautiful. 100 times prettier than what is available in stores here for 3 times less. Everyone I dealt with at your company from emails to delivery has provided good, old-fashioned customer service. I will recommend you to anyone looking for ceiling tiles. Thank you for restoring my faith in internet shopping"

- Jeanne Dille

"Your pre-sales support saved me from having to guess on what to order and was very helpful.

Thanks so much!"

- Chad Miller

"My husband (who is not even remotely handy!) installed our tin backsplash himself. I was highly skeptical (despite the online videos without which I'm sure we wouldn't even have attempted such a project). I shouldn't have worried. He did a great job, and it looks really fantastic. We're both very, very pleased."

- Abbey Bogost

"One of the best home improvement decisions we have ever made. Huge impact for dollars spent and two novices like ourselves put up the entire ceiling in a 11' x 20' room in about a day and a half. The results are stunning. It adds a great amount of pizazz to our little back room."

- Catherine

"I was concerned about the acoustic properties of a tin ceiling. Well, the sound quality is far better now than the acoustic tiles ever were. If I had known that the sound would actually be improved, I would have purchased them years ago. I strongly and felicitously encourage everyone to buy tin ceilings from American Tin Ceilings: Price, a myriad of colors and patterns to choose from, service, quality, and made in America. They are a still-shot of what American companies and industry used to be and should be again. My compliments to all your workers."

- Eric Hofmann

"It is refreshing to do business with honest, helpful people selling a quality, American-made product. Thanks to the installation videos, our finished project turned out beautiful. My husband and I did the installation ourselves (60+years young). Thank you for everything."

- Mary Mitchell

"Packing and shipping fragile ceramic art work is part of my job. When I opened your package, I was floored by how well it was packed. It put my shipping skills to shame. It was done with such precision, care and protective measures."

- Betsy Laucks

Ready to Let Your Walls Do Some Talking?

We want to hear about your experiences. We want to see how your project turned out. Tag us on social media or use #americantinceilings. Be sure to follow us @AmericanTinCeilings to see how everyone else's projects turned out.

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