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Perfecting Your Design with the Proper Pattern

No matter what design you’ve got in mind, incorporating patterns is one of the best ways to fit your vision. That’s because patterns are flexible and come in a variety of styles to fit multiple schemes across many different eras.  

Whether it’s bolder and more ornate pieces or something less detailed and more modern, American Tin Ceilings has the right pattern to fit your project.   

Ready for some inspiration? Here are some of the most popular eras/aesthetics, the most compatible American Tin Ceilings product patterns, and how several great projects put them together for a stunning result. 


Modern Patterns 

An image of Roger's Pub and the three American Tin Ceilings tile patterns that were used (Pattern 6, 7, and 12).

A modern aesthetic is as versatile as it is appealing, encompassing everything from sleek new buildings to retro remodels. The latter is exactly how Roger’s Pub was redesigned, combining contemporary upgrades with familiar features that originally won over the students and faculty at Babson College.  

Using Pattern 6 in Stainless Steel Gloss, Pattern 7 in Stainless Steel Gloss, and Pattern 12 in Stainless Steel Gloss, here’s why these three patterns were paired together in this project: 


  • Contemporary Looks: Pattern 6 features a concentric square inset pattern design with a hammered metal border for an uncomplicated, contemporary look. 


  • Historic Features: Pattern 7 features a circular wreath pattern with an egg and dart border for a distinct neoclassical feel. 


  • Elegant Designs: Pattern 12 features a beveled clover and thorn pattern with a hammered texture for a sense of European elegance amongst the modernity. 


Each one of these patterns formed a cohesive design that tells its own story. The glossy stainless-steel patterns are located above the bar seating, pairing nicely with the dark wooden bar elements and the modern, stainless steel kitchen appliances directly next to them. 


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Rustic Timelessness 

An interior shot of Ben Mylar's renovation project featuring American Tin Ceilings tiles in Pattern 33.

Rustic designs are timeless and traditional, using characteristics of old to shape the interiors of the present. It’s a popular design scheme in older, more rural buildings, like Ben Myler’s tiny home renovation 

Ben used Pattern 33 in Antique Silver Gloss on the ceiling to turn his rustic shed into a barndominium-style living space. A couple of key attributes were especially important for this ceiling tile: 


  • Timeless Pattern: Featuring an elegant fleur de lis design that’s been around for centuries, Pattern 33 gave Ben the “timeless aesthetic” he had loved since childhood.  
  • Reflective Properties: The Antique Silver Gloss finish offered the ultimate light reflective properties, pairing well in the rustic design scheme and providing more efficient lighting to match Ben’s frugal lifestyle. 
  • Proper Sizing: The large-scale pattern took up 16 square feet of space, providing an illusion effect that made Ben’s 200-square-foot home seem larger. 


Combining traditional styling and modern construction, Pattern 33 gave Ben a rustic look while staying true to his beliefs on frugal living.   



The lobby of The Venice V Hotel featuring American Tin Ceilings tiles in Pattern 2.

Art-Deco designs are all about patterns. The decadent detail work of patterned tin tile is a regular feature alongside the bold geometric shapes and rich colors that defined early 20th-century style.  

Iconic skyscrapers like the Empire State Building are known for their Art Deco styling, but so are smaller buildings like The Venice V Hotel. Dubbed the “Crown Jewel of Venice,” here’s why developer Carl Lambert chose Pattern 2 in Artisan Silver Washed White to help restore the hotel’s ceiling and hallways: 


  • History: Lambert picked Pattern 2 himself to “take the building back to its original glory and celebrate its colorful history.” Featuring arching diamonds that produce floral coins when tiles are placed together, Pattern 2 delivers the detail required by Art Deco designs.   
  • Contrast: For the lobby area’s ceiling, Pattern 2 in Artisan Silver Washed White was chosen to balance the vintage hex tile flooring and nine-foot-tall mahogany wainscotting. 
  • Building Code: Modern building codes required specific fire safety features, but that didn’t stop Lambert and his team. To adhere to modern safety requirements, Lambert used 20 tin tiles in the hallways to disguise the safety equipment without interrupting the flow of the design scheme. 


Lambert noted that many hotel guests think the tin tile is an original feature and he was equally thrilled at how the tin tile looked alongside the rest of the hotel’s Art Deco features.  



The Henry's modern Victorian farmhouse kitchen featuring American Tin Ceilings tiles in Pattern 9 and crown molding in pattern C9.

Victorian styles are steeped in tradition, elegance, and intricate detail in every aspect of the design scheme. So it just makes sense that John and Dona’s modern Victorian farmhouse, The Henry House, is as rich and traditional as the family they’ve raised. 

At over 100 years old, The Henry House was in need of an upgrade, especially in the kitchen area. So the Henrys’ turned to American Tin Ceilings to preserve the traditional look and feel while adding in a few other modern upgrades.  

John and Dona chose Ceiling Tile Pattern 9 in Metallic Gold and two supplementary crown moldings—Crown Molding C9 in Metallic Gold and Flat Molding M2 in Metallic Gold—to accomplish their vision. Here’s why it worked so well: 


  • Pattern: Pattern 9 features a crisscrossing arabesque design with an embellished Victorian flower and pearl centerpiece made of ornate medallions, making it the perfect fit for the Henrys’ design scheme.  
  • Contrast: Pattern 9’s intricate detailing provided a nice contrast to the kitchen’s other rustic features, like its hand-hammered copper sink and dark wooden cabinets. 
  • Accents: The crown and flat moldings were used as an accenting feature on a large beam that split the kitchen into the main area and a separate seating area off to the side. 



Whether it’s a modern restaurant or a Victorian farmhouse, the perfect pattern is easy to achieve with American Tin Ceilings.  


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