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Photo Contest 2nd Place Winner

Photo Credit: Erin Lindsey

Introducing the 2nd place winner of American Tin Ceilings' Spring 2021 photo contest!

The unusual shape of this kitchen made functionality a priority. However, with the wall visible from the living room, it needed to be far more than functional. The 12 inch tile in Pattern #2, Artisan Silver Washed White was the right aesthetic and size to make it the perfect addition to the unusual kitchen.

About the Project

This dream kitchen remodel started out with a small, dark galley that was anything but inspiring. The owners, Mike and Gina, wanted more from their kitchen than it was currently offering. Builder Erin Lindsey and designer Brooke Eversoll (of Bee Studios Design) did a little rethinking of the space to expand it and give it some style.

They knocked out an adjacent bedroom wall to expand the space by 200 square feet but that also meant the kitchen's shape was pretty unusual. They turned to Mike and Gina's specific, functional needs to guide the design. Mike cooked breakfast from scratch every morning for the family so they designed a special space for him in addition to the standard areas of the kitchen.

Photo Credit: Erin Lindsey. Features Pattern #2 in Silver Washed White

Relying on Samples

The breakfast prep wall was visible from living areas and needed a little something extra to bring this visual feature forward in an otherwise white kitchen. Samples played an important role in determining the right pattern and color for the tin panel wall.

“We ordered 3-4 different patterns and looked at them on the wall with the client. The final selection was the right scale and finish for the large wall and laid out the best around the cabinetry.

“I recommend buying a few different pattern samples and laying them out to see what colors, size, and finish best fits the space.”

-Erin Lindsey

The samples were also critical in helping Mike and Gina find the middle ground between their very different styles. He liked white and minimal. She, an artist, craved pattern, color, and texture. This was the perfect blend between the two aesthetics.

What Caught Our Eye

This photo is not only beautiful, but the tin panels have risen to the top of the design without stealing all the attention in this unique kitchen. They are the element that blends all pieces of this kitchen together.

We love the story this photo tells. It's one of adaptation, creativity, and blending that resulted in a beautiful kitchen and an outstanding photo.

Erin Lindsey. Features Pattern #2 in Silver Washed White

Photo Credit: Erin Lindsey. Features Pattern #2 in Silver Washed White

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