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Sampling White: the Key to Finding the Right White

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White in design is a blank canvas. It’s both a starting place and a destination. It attracts light. It’s the foundation of favorite styles like hygge, minimalism, and modern farmhouse. It never goes out of style.

White is in every design to some degree yet using it can be complex. No matter how many years you’ve had designing, using white correctly can be elusive. Pure white is hard to find and mastering various undertones that don’t clash with the rest of the color palette is an unending challenge.

There’s good news, though. American Tin Ceilings is making it easier than ever to find the perfect white tin tiles for your next project. Every single white tile we make is available as a sample so you can compare, contrast, and get the right white. More on that later. First, take a closer look at white.

Pure White, Warm White, Cool White

There are around 150,000 different white paints on the market. That should give you an idea of the scope of white in design. There are three categories of white: pure white, warm white, and cool white.

Pure white has no other colors or undertones present in it. It’s easy to work with because you don’t get hints of other colors that end up clashing with other elements of the room once you finally get them together. Warm whites have hints of warm colors added to them (yellow, orange, red).

Cool whites have a bit of a cool color added to the mix (blue, green, purple). Many whites have a brown hint to them, which mixes both a warm and cool color in with the white. The overall effect is usually a warmer white tending toward beige.

Finishes in White

Finishes on white have a big impact on how the color will function in the design. A glossy finish makes a white appear brighter, or more pure because it reflects more light, which the human eye perceives as a purer or cooler white. Matte finishes make for more muted or warmer whites.

Lighting White

The lighting also has a big influence on the way a white color will look. The more light, the purer the white will look. The color of the lighting can bring out those warm or cool undertones in ways you don’t expect. Same goes for reflected light. If the building next door is blue, your natural lighting—and your white walls—will be tinted blue.


White Tin Tiles

At American Tin Ceilings, we offer several whites and hand-finished artisan whites to choose from. Take a closer look at each below.


Almond tin tile.

This warm white has a heavier brown influence that makes it a perfect choice for cozy designs. It is powder coated and sealed to protect it from rust.

Bright White Satin

Bright White Satin tin tile.

This is our purest white in a satin finish, which softens it a bit. It pairs well with either warm or cool palettes. Powder coated and sealed.

Bright White Gloss

Bright White Gloss tin tile.

Our purest white in a glossy finish makes this our brightest white. It’s a champ at reflecting light so it’s a favorite for spaces that need some extra help with lighting like basements or dens. Powder coated and sealed.

White Matte

Matte White tin tile.

A pure white in a matte finish without undertones. The matte finish softens it without dampening the wow factor of white in a design. Powder coated and sealed.


Ivory tin tile.

A yellow and brown-toned white that warms up a space effortlessly. A favorite for vintage designs and cozy spaces that crave details. Powder coated and sealed.

Creamy White Satin

Creamy White Satin tin tile.

A warm white that’s not as heavy as Almond or Ivory but still strikes a balance between coziness and light reflection. Powder coated and sealed.

Artisan Gold Washed with White

Artisan Gold Washed White tin tile.

Stunning gold metallic painted with bright white then hand rubbed to reveal the gold in a distressed finish. Powder coated then hand finished by our artisans and finally sealed.

Artisan Silver Washed White

Artisan Silver Washed White

A favorite color, this white with barely-there warm undertones sits against silver metallic in an artisan-finish. Part of our Artisan color collection, it is powder coated and hand finished then sealed.

Artisan Espresso Washed White

Artisan Espresso Washed White

A deep brown powder coating on the tin tile is “washed” with white. The result is a dignified brown-gray white with a high-contrast aesthetic. Sealed to protect against rust.

Artisan Copper Washed White

Artisan Copper Washed White tin tile.

This stunning tin tile combines the warmth of copper, brightness of metallic, and a cooling pure white for a high contrast tile that’s sure to get attention. Powder coated, hand finished, and sealed.


Get Samples of White Tin Tiles

The single most important thing you can do when working with white is to use samples. A sample will help you get a grasp on the type of white, undertones, and how the lighting influences that white.

You can order samples of all of our white tin tiles to have on hand when designing. Simply join our trade pro program to get samples for free.

White is a must have in every design. Add it with white tin tiles for a look that stands out from the rest. Want more about white tin tiles? Read on.


White Tin Tiles Ideas

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