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The Story of a Stand-Out Product

The story of American Tin Ceilings' products begins with steel. Our tin tiles are made of T1 grade tin plated steel, so everything we do rests on the thriving steel industry. Steel is the most recycled material in the world and is vital to the world economy.

Steel is 100% recyclable. All of it can be recycled into the same material over and over again without any decrease to its quality. Most steel used today is recycled. It's the ultimate sustainable material in the modern world.

Speaking of the modern world, producing and recycling steel has become more efficient over the years. In the U.S. today it takes roughly half the energy to produce steel as it did 40 years ago. That has also resulted in a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 1990 in North America, the steel industry has been able to reduce the amount of steel shipped. So much steel is recycled close to where it's needed that long distance shipping is unneeded. This alone reduced energy consumption by 32% and carbon emissions from transportation by 37%.

Steel is sustainable environmentally, economically, and societally. It “achieves the needs of today without impacting society's ability to meet the needs of the future,” according to the American Iron and Steel Institute.

It brought more than $520 billion dollars into the economy and provided about 2 million jobs in 2017. Steel is used for buildings and homes, security, cars, utilities, infrastructure, and many things inside the house—like tin tiles.

Here are a few other ways we are working to create better products and a better world.

Crushed cars ready for steel recycling.

Recycled Materials

ATC uses recycled steel from the automotive, appliance, container, industrial machinery, construction, and oil industries. The solid steel sheets are then plated with tin. The individual tiles are cut and stamped right here in our American facilities.

American Made

Our tin tiles are 100% made in the USA by skilled craftspeople. We take pride in our work and the finished product. We treasure the heritage that is tin tile (an American innovation).

Manufacturing facility shown from above.

Powder Coating

Powder coating may not seem like an important element of the process. However, the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) related to paint are unsafe for the atmosphere and ultimately for your indoor air quality.

Our ceiling tiles are powder coated , which is a process that uses dry polyester resin and pigments to color the tiles. It is a process that emits very few VOCs. After powder coating, the tiles are baked to finish the coating. This ensures that there will be no off-gassing once they are installed.

Recycled Packaging

All our tin ceiling tiles are shipped in recycled packaging. ATC feels that this extra step is necessary in our commitment to responsible practices and products.

We know you care about the sustainability of all the products you use. Rest assured that at American Tin Ceilings, our tiles are made with hands-on care and attention now and into the future.

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