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Susan Hayward Interiors is based on the simple philosophy that Interior Design should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the client, not the interior designer. Susan is joined by her daughter, Jillian Hayward Schaible, where as a mother-daughter team they strive to uncover every client's unique tastes and personal style. Whether designing for residential or commercial projects, they approach every design with the needs of the space at the forefront. It is not enough for a room to look good, it has to work and function well too. Anyone can create a drool-worthy room; their focus is to craft their client's drool-worthy room. At Susan Hayward Interiors, they bring a homeowner's dream to life with beautifully curated interior design for all.

Q: What can you tell us about this project?
A: This amazing kitchen is in Milton, Massachusetts, in a beautiful old estate. The kitchen is an addition to the house, with a deck along the side. The room is large, but very long and narrow, which posed a lot of challenges. This was a renovation of an existing space.
The tin ceiling, from American Tin Ceilings, was added a few years ago but we added the tin cove (using molding) for uplighting during this renovation. We sent the tin ceiling color to American Tin Ceilings, who helped us choose the perfect color for the tin molding.

Q: What was the project scope?
A: The previous kitchen had dark cabinets, a black granite counter, and old hard wood floors. The lighting just did not do anything for the tin ceiling. The client wanted a new, brighter, more modern kitchen while still staying true to the character of the house.

Q: How would you describe the design style of this project?
A: This is a traditional kitchen but with all the modern touches you would want. Some examples are the custom dog station, ice maker, custom cabinetry with inserts, touch faucet, and tile plank floors.

Q: What can you tell about this kitchen and its unique ceiling structure?
A: Since it was a large space that needed a wow factor, we decided to keep the tin ceiling (from American Tin Ceilings) from a previous renovation project, but add to it with the windows and tin cove lighting track from American Tin Ceilings.

Q: How did a tin ceiling support the design style?
A: The feeling of old yet new was the look we were hoping for, and I think the ceiling with the added tin cove nailed it.

Q: What led you to purchase tin panels from American Tin Ceilings?
A: I previously worked with American Tin Ceilings on a restaurant project, so I knew the product well.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about this project?
A: This is such a beautiful space! Everything about it screams elegance. The gorgeous ceiling, the windows, furniture, and overall feel is just special!

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