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The 4 Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2023

If you’re over the all-white look or simply hunting for easy ways to breathe new life into your current kitchen setup in 2023, we’re here to help. This year is all about increasing comfort, convenience, and character in home design, so it’s high-time to get cozy and creative.

Pulling from some of the most trusted sources around the web, we’ve gathered a list of the top kitchen trends for 2023. Check out 4 of the fabulous leading trends from design pros that you can expect to see this year – and steal for yourself!


Blue kitchen island with butcherblock countertop and pendant lighting.

1. Reimagined kitchen islands

In 2023, the kitchen island is gearing up for a renaissance, becoming even more of a focus and centerpiece for designers. It is predicted that people will start thinking about ways to make their islands serve several purposes – from being a place to eat and gather to being a style staple or statement piece. 

Nowadays, the options are truly endless when it comes to kitchen island design, and 2023 will see new shapes, moods, and materials used more readily. For example, one new way people are reimagining their island is to swap it out completely for a multifunctional dining table. This saves space, offers additional seating, and still grants that extra surface area needed for communal cooking.


Copper tin tile backsplash in a small kitchen with sage cabinets and copper sink.

2. Tin tile backsplashes

For those looking to add an extra layer of visual interest and personalization in the kitchen, tin tile backsplashes are sure to become a staple in 2023. Tin tile is an authentic product that has managed to stay relevant through many design eras, from Art Deco to Mid-century Modern. As a kitchen backsplash, tin tiles add a special level of intricacy and can match any vibe you are aiming for. 

Whether you opt for a vintage or antique pattern or one that’s more luxurious and follows a diamond pattern, tin tile backsplashes will be all the rage in 2023 for their unique quality and artistic appeal. Plus, with the popularity of backless stoves growing, there’s plenty of room for tin tile backsplashes to really have their moment and become a focal point of the kitchen.


Custom cabinets in steel blue and dark gray with glass fronts.

3. Custom cabinet details

Say goodbye to boring old cabinets without any character of their own, and hello to storage with real personality! No matter what you want your cabinets to communicate, homeowners are finding new and unique ways to put their personal spin on traditional cabinet designs. For example, adding bespoke cabinet hardware or custom details like metal grille inserts are becoming more popular. This gives cabinets a peek-a-boo effect, offering a happy medium between open and closed storage. 

In 2023, we’ll also see more people playing around with cabinet hardware and choosing alternating knobs or pulls to accentuate different shapes and details – such as rounded knobs on upper cabinets contrasted with horizontal pulls on drawers.


Custom cabinets in dark green and blush in a side by side collage.

4. Saturated colors 

While all-white kitchens definitely had their moment, interior design in 2023 will be all about color! Design pros predict that more decadent, saturated colors will make their way into kitchens in the new year. Colors like forest green, rust, reddish brown, and jewel-toned blue are all trending, especially in kitchen cabinetry. 

Infographic highlighting Benjamin Moore color scheme.

While there will always be a place for neutral tones in the kitchen, homeowners are seeing the appeal of mixing in saturated hues as a wall or cabinet color with white countertops for a striking combination of dark and light.


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