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Many Unique Rooms Brought Together in One Aesthetic

How One Tin Tile Delivered Both Harmony & Uniqueness

Set on the ridge of the Watchung mountain range in West Orange, New Jersey, The Manor is a magnificent architectural piece of the landscape. It is a sprawling historic mansion surrounded by 20 acres of beautifully-manicured formal gardens, fountains, and grounds on the edge of the 400-acre Eagle Rock Reservation nature preserve.


The sought-after destination venue in New Jersey is in its third generation of family ownership and is prized for its long-held tradition of gracious service and hospitality for events both grand and intimate.

Dark and light, cozy yet ethereal, The Manor offers the best of both luxury and comfort. Its old-world English manor aesthetic is expressed in everything from the metal pieces like the wrought iron bistro chairs and rustic medieval chandeliers down to Victorian floral accordion dividers and charming natural brick stone walls and archways. 

 Many Rooms, One Aesthetic

When The Manor was due for some updating, Keri Knowles, The Manor's Design Director, wanted the mansion’s opulent rooms to each have a unique feel but needed a single thread to harmonize them into one aesthetic. The addition of tin tile ceilings featuring the same pattern (but different or complementary colors in different rooms) in The Manor is exactly what helps tie together individualized spaces within a big venue.

American Tin Tile Ceilings provided a stunning material choice for remodeling the drop ceilings of several rooms in The Manor mansion. Pattern #7 was chosen as the anchor because its embossed wreath design serves as a significant symbol of union—a fitting choice for an environment typically used for weddings. 

A tin tile ceiling was installed in five of The Manor’s rooms: from the bridal suite to the banquet room. Each of the five rooms employed a different color of Pattern #7 to give each space a distinct look. Each finish was chosen based on factors like natural lighting, aesthetics, and the emotional “feel” Knowles wanted to evoke in guests gathered in each space.

And atmosphere-wise: the Manor is all about a vibrant yet comfortable party-like celebration that feels (and looks) like royalty—a bride and groom’s very own castle in the sky.

The Ballroom: Featuring Pattern #7 in Bright White Satin

Bright white satin was chosen in the ballroom to reflect all of the beautiful natural light that pours in through the atrium windows. The crisp white ceiling next to the darker walls creates a yin/yang balance: a welcoming yet lively and festive atmosphere for a celebratory wedding reception.

The Bridal Suite: Featuring Acoustic Pattern #7 in Gold Matte (with Whitewash)

The bridal suite has Pattern #7 in Metallic Gold, and then was glazed over with a soft white enhancement from Portfauxlio, Inc. painting company. This was done to add glam dimension and to conceal the micro-perforations of the acoustic tin tile. 

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The "Starlight Gardens" Atrium: Featuring Pattern #7 in Bright White Satin

Used for cocktail receptions and wedding ceremonies to wine tastings or live music events, the expansive sunlit room known as the “Starlight Gardens” is one of the best rooms of The Manor. The layout features floor-to-ceiling windows, a soaring barrel-valued glass-paned central atrium, lush indoor plantains, an aged terracotta tile floor, and now, a beautiful American Tin Ceiling. 

The beaded wreath Pattern #7 was chosen again in Bright White Satin to add formality and a breath of modern-retro air indoors while tying it the Old English-styled fountains and green hills outside viewed through the large windows.  

The Bridal Suites: Featuring Pattern #7 & Filler in Gold Washed with White

Last but not least, the spaces known as the “Versailles Suites” also feature American Tin Ceilings and are dedicated areas for brides-to-be to use as preparation suites. Additional salon amenities are included so guests have everything they need for their big day. 

Romantic and elegant, the tin tile ceilings are Pattern #7 in a gold washed with white finish, along with a filler pattern (similar to Pattern #19) that perfectly complements the suites’ gold tray ceiling and wall mounting. Talk about a glow-up effect: these suites are a true treasure for both the bride and her bridesmaids as everyone gets ready to walk down the aisle.

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