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Find the Perfect Tin Ceiling Tile for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology Design: Guidance from the Stars in your Interior Design

When you take into account your nature and what matters the most to you, it naturally follows that your design reflects that. Designing for your personality means you'll always find your spaces comfortable and enjoyable.

Have you ever considered letting your zodiac sign give you some guidance? Your astrological sign reveals a lot about who you are and how you go about living your life. Whether you read your horoscope every day or only know what your sign is, you might be surprised how effective astrology is in developing interior design.

No matter if you're giving your tin tile a place of distinction in your design or using it as background ambience, let us help you find the perfect tin tile for you using astrology design. Below is each sign of the zodiac to help you gather ideas that will fit right into your style.

Pattern 32 in Artisan Silver Patina

Aries: The Ram

Mar 21-Apr 19

They're not afraid to be out there, be spontaneous, or take a risk. Those born under this zodiac sign love vibrant colors, bold design, and readily embrace the new. Often Aries's find themselves drawn to reds, blues, and metallics. Softened geometric or flame-like shapes capture their interest.

We recommend Pattern #32 in Satin Brushed Nickel, Metallic Gold, or Rustic Copper Translucent. If you want some color, you'll probably like Carmine Red or Artisan Silver Patina (blue).

Pattern #32

Pattern 23 in Artisan Gold Patina

Taurus: The Bull

Apr 20-May 20

Tauruses like things to be comfy and beautiful. The less things change the better. They love earthy colors and value stand-out quality. Natural is the name of the game for a Taurus. They need plants in all their spaces and don't even think about trying to introduce synthetics.

A Taurus will love floral-based Pattern #23. It's natural but also elegant. They'll appreciate brown-based Artisan Soho color that brings the floral pattern to the forefront. Or they may try green-washed Artisan Gold Patina.

Pattern #23

Pattern 33 in Creamy White Granite

Gemini: The Twins

May 21-June20

A Gemini likes a faster pace and a full but well-organized life. That translates to a simple astrology design with pops of interesting color or texture and plenty of movement—both visual and physical. They may wonder if there's a design that suits them, but rest assured that a Gemini's particular brand of minimalism will never be boring.

Gemini's love our Pattern #5 or Pattern #33. Both have significant movement without feeling chaotic. Pattern #33 is a large-scale pattern that covers 16 square feet. Try either pattern in one of our six white colors to bring order to the design. Or go with a white-washed metallic like Artisan Silver Washed White to enhance the texture.

Pattern #33

Pattern 3 in Creamy White Satin

Cancer: The Crab

Jun 21-Jul 22

Empathetic and nurturing, Cancers are all about creating comfort and welcoming others into their home. Open floor plans and streamlined design are the perfect launchpad for a Cancer to soften up the space with blankets, pillows, and friendship.

They'll love Patterns #2 and #3. Both combine clean lines with a soft floral accent that embodies Cancer. For the simplest colors, go with Ivory, Creamy White Satin, Almond, or Silver Granite Satin. Or add a bit of natural blue with Artisan Silver Patina or Artisan Espresso Patina. They might also appreciate metallics like Antique Brushed Nickel or Copper Penny.

Pattern #3

Pattern 29 in Artisan Gold with Burnt Umber

Leo: The Lion

July 23-Aug 22

Leos embrace independence and creativity. They also love to impress. Leaning toward customizable elements is their design standard. If they can't make it their own, it's not worth it. A Leo surrounds themself with light, lavish, and lively design.

A Leo might fancy Pattern #29. It's dynamic and unique with an overtone of opulent design that will attract plenty of attention. They may appreciate rich bronze colors like Artisan Copper with Brushed Bronze or the drama of Artisan Oil Rubbed Bronze. A custom color may be the way to go for a Leo. They can pick from one of our existing custom colors or submit a new idea of their own.

Pattern #29

Pattern 12 in Artisan Espresso Washed White

Virgo: The Virgin

Aug 23-Sep 22

The detail-oriented, organized Virgo focuses on practicality and thus has a well-orchestrated design style. Everything has a place and everything in its place. Yet Virgo loves all things natural, especially house plants. They crave multi-tasking and simplicity but also appreciate the detail that a good antique or heirloom wood can bring to a space.

Pattern #12 is a Virgo's best friend. Its understated detail is at once clean and artisan. Virgos will appreciate any of the Artisan colors, which require the handiwork of artistic, detailed professionals. Of special note is Artisan Espresso Washed White, which brings out the details of this pattern but maintains practical neutral colors.

Pattern #12

Pattern 42 in Artisan Silver Washed White

Libra: The Scales

Sep 23-Oct 22

Distinguished by balance, Libras seek to level those scales in every area of their lives. They create harmony and value context. In astrology design, they lean toward a glamorous practicality that has vintage warmth. Libras crave meaning, so there is a reason or story behind most elements in their space.

We recommend Pattern #42 for Libras. It is a replica of a tin tile salvaged from a Victorian-era building in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is elegant but not overly fussy—serving all the desires of the Libra. Go with Pewter color for a darker scheme or with Artisan Silver Washed White for a lighter environment.

Pattern #42

Pattern 14 in Artisan Bordeaux

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Oct 23-Nov 21

Scorpios are passionate and introspective. They are collectors so need plenty of space for their display-ables. They love Victorian ambiance with modern touches and lean toward darker colors and cozy spaces. Scorpios love opulent textures. Their cyclic natures will have them redecorating every few years.

Pattern #9 or #14 are good bets for the Scorpio. Both are rich Victorian patterns with plenty of drama and texture. Pattern #9 is a large pattern that takes four panels to complete for a 16 square foot display of grandeur. Artisan Oil Rubbed Bronze (dark) or Artisan Bordeaux are both darker reddish colors with metallic highlights that suit Scorpios.

Pattern #14

Pattern 26 in Royal Gold

Sagittarius: The Archer

Nov 22-Dec 21

Those born under this astrological sign are explorers who love open spaces, lots of light, and meaningful collections. They prefer a laid-back atmosphere with neutral colors and materials but they aren't opposed to pops of interesting patterns and colors.

The Sagittarius might appreciate Pattern #26, a Roman influenced pattern that adds a worldly feel to a space. Pattern #41 is another option with worldly influence. The geometric pattern has strong lines and a vintage feel that can set the stage for an eclectic, global collection of decor. Royal Gold, a matte gold color, might be just the right balance of worldliness and casualness that suits a Sagittarius.

Pattern #26

Pattern 19 in Gun Metal

Capricorn: The Goat

Dec 22-Jan 19

Sophisticated and driven, Capricorns love classic design. They lean toward wood, stone, and exposed brick. Structure is important to them so solid furnishings and built-ins are common choices. A romantic flair is appreciated, especially if it's classic vintage.

Pattern #1, a classic design with concentric squares and line and dot outline, is the go-to for Capricorns. Pattern #15 is a larger version of #1 that suits larger rooms. Another sophisticated pattern that hints at vintage design is Pattern #19. The six inch repeating pattern features diamonds on the diagonal inside a square with a hint of embellishment. Gun Metal or Artisan Gold Patina, a green hue, are the perfect shades to suit a Capricorn.

Pattern #19

Pattern 38 in Artisan Copper with Burnt Umber

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Jan 20-Feb 18

With a penchant for the unique and always looking forward, the Aquarius likes to think things through. They embrace futuristic design and love to have all the latest gadgets incorporated into their spaces. They may even throw in an element of industrial design.

We suggest Pattern #38, a more contemporary tin tile that employs organic shapes and unique creativity. Pattern #18 is another great option with diamonds set on the diagonal with fan flourishes. Pewter, Gun Metal or Espresso are excellent colors for the Aquarius as well.

Pattern #38

Pattern 4 in Vintage Bronze

Pisces: The Fish

Feb 19-Mar 20

Pisces's astrological sign represents a person who is a dreamer. They love a comfortable spot to daydream and seek out magic in real life. Mood lighting and elements of imagination are excellent accents to a Pisces's design. They love natural materials and vibrant colors.

A stand-out choice in tin tile for the Pisces is Pattern #4. It has a lot of arabesques and free-form curves that are easy to get lost in. Any cloud-like white color is a perfect choice for a Pisces. Blue or green washed Artisan Silver Patina or Artisan Gold Patina are beautiful as well. A Pisces might appreciate rose-gold Vintage Bronze too.

Pattern #4

No matter the zodiac sign you were born under, there's a beautiful pattern and color that will complement your personality and design style perfectly. Discover astrology design.

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