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The Artisan Collection

One of our most popular color collections is the Artisan series, which are hand-finished by a local artist/finisher. Drawing inspiration from everything around him, he comes up with our custom color combinations by exploring the world- passing a run-down city building, a trip to the coast or a unique looking pub. We’ve been working with the same master painter for over 10 years so he’s a pro at finishing tin tiles (and was actually one of our first installers so he’s very familiar with the process from start to finish).

The Finishing Process

The first step is to powder coat the panels as a base layer (applying the color as a dust and then baking it on) before the topcoat is painted by hand (often in a metallic shade). After the tiles are dry, we use polishing cloths to meticulously and intentionally rub off some areas until the underlying powder is showing, which creates an aged effect. They are then polished with a variety of materials to achieve a special finish - either creamy, shiny or matte. Since each panel is individually colored, each tile is unique (yet consistent) and one of a kind, made by hand just for you.

Artisan Tin Tiles