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Revival Trends Making a Comeback

November 22, 2021

You can’t keep a good trend down. It’s not unusual to see our favorite interior looks come back around for a new day. Though varied in their style, these vintage design trends have one thing in common, the 2020’s make their mark on them so they meet this decade with a freshness that keeps them relevant.

Take a look at how revival trends are making their comeback and what you can do to incorporate them into your design.


How to Shop Black Friday Home Improvement Sales

November 15, 2021
Not every Black Friday sale is created equally. Some look like a good deal but aren’t really. Others do turn out to be screaming deals. Especially when it comes to Black Friday home improvement sales, you need to know which items are your best bet and which aren’t worth it. The following will help you pick the best deals and avoid the stuff that you could get at another time with better results.


8 Reasons to Get an At Home Bar

November 8, 2021
Just in case you need one more reason to start on that home bar, here are seven. Here’s why you shouldn’t go another holiday season without an at home bar.


Top Interior Design Trends of 2022 Inspired by the Victorian Era

November 1, 2021
Victorian style is one of the most recognizable looks in all design. Its luxury, opulence, and fine detail have stuck with multiple generations of interior designers. We still see echoes of Victorian influence in design today. The Victorians still hold sway over today’s trends. Here’s a look at some top interior design trends of 2022 born of Victorian influence.


Why We Love a Victorian Halloween

October 25, 2021
There’s just something peculiar about those Victorians. Maybe it’s that their focus on perfection and restraint could only end in spectacular ruin. Or maybe it’s their seeming obsession with death. Whatever the reason, there’s something sort of romantic about Victorian Halloween that keeps us coming back for more. The otherwise tight-laced Victorian’s , believe it or not, cut loose a bit on Halloween. Even Queen Victoria herself made a big deal of the holiday. It wasn’t the Halloween you know and love, but it was great fun, and in classic Victorian style, carried out in opulent fashion.


On the Hunt for Home Design Inspiration?

October 18, 2021
Starting to see room scenes recycled on Pinterest? Not sure where to go next to get some inspiration? Whether you’re a “show me” type or you like to do a little creative thinking on your own, there are many resources to get you started. Here are a few of our favorites for home design inspiration.


Dramatic Kitchens

October 11, 2021
You should love being in your kitchen. If that means you need a little visual drama, then you’re in the right place. Every kitchen can benefit from a little drama. Dramatic kitchens span the range from over-the-top designs to simple layouts with dramatic accents. Here’s how you can bring some of that to your kitchen.


Blending Functionality, Design, and Style: A Study in Juxtapositions

October 4, 2021
When one steps into the Slope Room at the Gravity Haus hotel in Vail, Colorado, the experience is anything but usual. In fact, it’s a coffee/pastry bar, steakhouse, and traditional bar all in one. This multi-tasking space doesn’t just have to blend function, it also has to blend designs and styles. The result? A stunning yet atypical space that draws you in and mystifies you at the same time. Take a closer look at how this restaurant design blended the unique features and functionality of this hotel restaurant.


The Story of a Stand-Out Product

September 28, 2021
The story of American Tin Ceilings’ products begins with steel. Our tin tiles are made of T1 grade tin plated steel, so everything we do rests on the thriving steel industry. Steel is the most recycled material in the world and is vital to the world economy.

Fireplace Makeover

September 17, 2021
As summer winds down and you start thinking about autumn and all things pumpkin spice, it’s also a good time to get your home ready for cold weather. Increase the cozy factor and bump up the elegance with some tin tile on the fireplace. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

5 Ceiling Design Ideas for 2022

September 9, 2021
Ever heard of the fifth wall? There is so much attention lately on ceiling design that designers have started calling it the fifth wall. Paying attention to the great expanse above you not only puts you right on trend for 2022, but it opens up a world of possibilities.

Fall 2021 Color Trends

August 31, 2021
After the vibrant colors of spring and the pure colors of summer, fall offers a richness and maturity of colors that evoke comfort and solidarity. Bringing the colors of fall into design is a natural inclination and an excellent choice. They stand the test of time and are inviting year-round. Not so sure about adding brown and muted colors to your space? Fall colors aren’t all about boring browns. You might be surprised by fall colors. They are anything but dull and boring. Take a tour of the fall 2021 color trends for interior design with us.

Reclaiming the Basement

August 17, 2021

A Speakeasy Design Workspace When One Room Challenge™ approached the Brownstone Boys about entering the event, which invites design influencers to renovate one room in 6 weeks, they knew immediately what they would do. Jordan and Barry, AKA the Brownstone Boys—restorers of older homes in NYC—have been sharing the design and restoration of their 130-year old brownstone in Brooklyn, New York on their blog. Their unfinished basement was a “storage disaster” according to Barry and Jordan....

Faux Metal Backsplash vs. The Real Deal

August 10, 2021

Love the look of tin backsplash but think it might be easier to use peel and stick vinyl backsplash or cheaper to go with the faux metal backsplash? Vinyl backsplash enjoys great popularity because it comes in so many different looks and is really easy to install. However, within peel and stick vinyl backsplash lurks some deeper problems that might make you think again. Take a look at this comparison of metal vs....

9 Tin Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

August 3, 2021

Ceramic tile on the backsplash is old hat. If you’re looking for something a little different that has the capability to add visual interest, personalize the kitchen, and even define your design, consider tin tile on the backsplash. Here are examples of nine beautiful kitchens that each used tin tile on the backsplash a little differently but the result is always the same: a standout backsplash. This behind-the-stove backsplash blends the generous use of white and stainless steel giving the kitchen a feeling of harmonized design....

6 Kitchen Backsplash Trends in 2021

July 28, 2021

Looking to give your backsplash an update? Maybe you’re planning an entire kitchen design and want to make the backsplash special. Either way, the backsplash is an opportunity to make your kitchen design stand out. Here are some basic concepts that can help you create an on-trend backsplash. Style Of the many kitchen backsplash trends in 2021, there is one that influences all the others. This leader among trends guides the other concepts and corrals them into one harmonic whole....

Find the Perfect Tin Ceiling Tile for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

July 21, 2021

Astrology Design: Guidance from the Stars in your Interior Design When you take into account your nature and what matters the most to you, it naturally follows that your design reflects that. Designing for your personality means you’ll always find your spaces comfortable and enjoyable. Have you ever considered letting your zodiac sign give you some guidance? Your astrological sign reveals a lot about who you are and how you go about living your life....

Photo Contest 3rd Place Winner

July 20, 2021

Photo Credit: Christine Vroom Introducing the 3rd Place Winner of American Tin Ceilings’ Spring 2021 Photo Contest! It’s rare in Southern California for a homeowner to lean toward Southern charm. But that’s what designer Christine Vroom was tasked with in a recent ranch style renovation. The clients gave her free rein to design the interiors flavored by classic Georgian revival. It required lots of customized detail that was truly a designer’s dream project....

Creating Design Atmosphere Is All in the Details

July 7, 2021

How a space feels is just as important as how a space looks. They are like taste and smell; one is enhanced by the other. The beauty of creating design atmosphere is that it’s easy to do. A few details and you can transform a beautiful room into a place that creates its own experience. For instance, take this hot new restaurant/bar concept in Florida. The combination of Mediterranean seafood, handmade pasta, and custom drinks alone is enough to get some attention and good reviews....

100% Made in the USA

June 29, 2021

The Story of Tin Ceiling Tile & Its American Roots Tin ceiling tiles are 100% an American innovation. They were born in the U.S. from the need to have a more durable and affordable version of European plasterwork ceilings. It didn’t take long before they became a stand-alone design element. Pressed tin tiles came into the height of popularity between 1880 and 1940 in the U.S. There were about 45 American companies making tin ceiling tiles at this time....