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The 7 Deadly Sins of Tin Installations

January 27, 2014

The 7 Deadly Sins are a common set of vices that all of mankind are subject to. When thinking about a home remodel, it’s easy to get caught up in excessive yearning and undesirable behavior. Similar to Bridezilla syndrome, avoid becoming a DIY Diva with an accessible project like tin ceiling tiles. Your friends and family will thank you.


Ceiling Tiles There’s no need to simply desire a tin ceiling; it is a completely obtainable and affordable home repair project. Starting at just $7 a tile, turn your intense want into an actionable weekend project.


There is nothing over-indulgent about t in. A beautiful addition to any room (we have over 50 colors), a tin ceiling or backsplash is a completely subtle and charming accent, not ostentatious like other metals or building materials.


The sin of excess, tin should be added in moderation. One room here or there is enough to grab the eye.


One of the easiest DIY projects ever, there is no need to be lazy and pay a contractor. With our patented Snaplock panels, you don’t even have to remove the existing drywall; you can simply screw over it.


One current customer put it best, “This was my Saturday afternoon winter project that was accomplished with minimal swearing (alright there was some swearing) and a lot of patience (which I do not have, ask my ex-boyfriends). Mission accomplished: I love it! Time for a large glass of wine and an Aleve.” So swear away friends, it will be worth it in the end.


There’s no better way to make yourself the talk of the town than installing tin ceiling tiles for a complete room makeover. As soon as you’re done, host a dinner party to show off your handiwork. We promise it’s all anyone will be able to talk about (unless the food is terrible).


It never hurts to ask for help. We pride ourselves on our service before, after and during a sale so please reach out with any installation questions you may have. We also think it’s totally acceptable to be proud of your finished product. Flaunt away and we’ll even help you showoff your masterpiece on social media.


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