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Photo Contest Update- We’re Impressed!

April 21, 2014

We’re a couple weeks into our photo contest and just a quick note the deadline to enter, vote and share has been extended until May 15 so keep spreading the world! Also, due to your feedback, we’ve started accepting entries via email that we can upload to our Facebook app for you. If you’d like to enter this way, send your high-res installation pictures to photos@americantinceilings.com with a brief explanation of what/where it is.

We’ve already received 100+ that have completely knocked our socks off and we are super impressed by your creative installations and ingenuity. Keep ‘em coming! Here are a few of our favorites so far. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see yours, there are tons of great ones and we’re only highlighting a handful of the most unique installations and looks.

This photo uses just a few tiles as accents under a kitchen shelf. What a clever way to draw attention to an area showing off antiques on display.

A beautiful commercial installation, this dark bar space looks great with copper tin tiles highlighting exposed brick with modular, geometric space dividers.

White tin tiles are really hard to photograph given their reflective properties and this shot does a great job with composition. How inviting does this bright sitting area look?

An awesome modern kitchen, who would ever think to pair tin with neon? From the futuristic lighting to the overflow sink, every detail and finish has been meticulously chosen.

We love tin tiles used in furniture and this bar looks absolutely fabulous. Classic and traditional, it opens up the space and perfectly compliments the wood tones.

A unique cross between rustic cabin and contemporary kitchen, we’ve never seen an installation quite like this going under exposed wood beams. Dramatic and impactful, the mixing of woods, stones, metals and dark and light colors creates a visually interesting look that’s sure to wow visitors.


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