Trendsetting: When Old Becomes New Again

September 23, 2014

It’s often said that trends cycle. Whether it be fashion or interior design, from your trusty high-waisted jeans to classic red lips, there are some fads that aren’t really fads at all because they’ll never completely die. These “trends” may dip in popularity for a few years, but resurgence is almost surely guaranteed. One of those is the ever-popular tin ceiling.

Hailing from the Victorian era, tin ceilings were beloved in the early 19th century for their decorative charm, a less expensive but no less beautiful alternative to the pricey handcrafted European home accents that took years to complete. As functional as they were radiant, tin ceilings possessed unique fire protection properties, able to withstand intense heat of over 1000 degrees for over an hour, which made them an attractive feature for the safety of apartments housed above retail spaces in urban areas.

Today’s tin ceilings are a mix of traditional ornamental designs paying homage to the original early century styles, but also geometric modular patterns ideal for contemporary, 21st century homes. They are available in a wide range of color choices from unfinished to our handcrafted artisan collection, each painstakingly finished one by one to achieve the perfect balance of distressing for that classic, antique look. Framed by beautiful crown molding, there is no better home topper to wow guests as you look up.

From wainscoting to accents, you can find tin tiles everywhere from the mom and pop shop down the block to major hotel chains, cruise ships and retail stores. Ideally suited for commercial projects as well as residential, tin tiles are available in 3 different installation types that can be installed on virtually any surface including drywall and plaster without the need to pre-install plywood. If you love the look of old meets new, there’s no better home piece for your ceilings, walls or furniture.


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