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2nd Place Photo Contest Winner: Rustic-Romantic Mashup

Hudson Trailer Co. converts trailers and other mobile units into all sorts of interesting spaces. They often employ tin ceilings to create a sense of rustic romance for an upscale experience.

One of their more recent projects took a small horse trailer and turned it into an elegant mobile bar for weddings and other upscale events. This unique application of tin ceilings was undeniably a winner. We awarded the photo 2nd place in our most recent photo contest.

About the Project

Northern California business, Sips and Baubles (@sipsandbaubles) wanted to take a romantic bar concept on the road. A simple white horse trailer was the starting point and Hudson Trailer Co. took it from there.

They lifted the roof and side of the trailer in a gull-wing style and used raw pine paneling and copper to amp up the rustic romance. Artisan Copper White Washed color was the perfect, romantic vibe the trailer needed. The copper and white of the tin tile tied the white of the trailer to the copper sconces and taps making one cohesive whole.

The tin tile was added to the ceiling and behind the taps, which makes it the most prominent feature when the roof opens up. “It's both elegant and rustic—the perfect complement to the overall design,” said Suzanne Hasz of Hudson Trailer Co.

Shop This Pattern

Tin tile on trailer ceiling.

Working on the Curve

Using Pattern 8 was as much a design choice as it was a practical one. The floral pattern played well with the rustic-romantic design but it is also easy to align on the curved surface of the interior of the trailer.

Tin tile on a curved surface can be tricky. It's important to make sure it is well secured and lines up exactly with the next tile for a successful installation.

“The nail up tins are best for applications like this and it's important to choose a pattern that can be lined up with ease when working in spaces that are curved or non-symmetrical.” -Suzanne Hasz, Hudson Trailer Co.

The combination of the copper white washed panels, rustic pine, and white countertops creates a feminine space that's simple, timeless, and stunning. Perfect for a NorCal wedding.

What Caught Our Eye

Hudson Trailer Co. are frequent customers of ours and their unique designs never fail to amaze. This trailer goes above and beyond. The masterful installation on the curved surface reflects the bespoke nature of our tiles and showcases them the way they deserve to be showcased.

Stay tuned for when we reveal our 1st place winner!

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