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4 Stunning Fireplace Trends to Light Up Your Living Space

Ever since home renovation exploded during the stay-at-home period of the pandemic, homeowners across the globe have been reconsidering how to make each of their spaces as purposeful (and stylish!) as possible.

In nearly every home, the fireplace is the heart of the living room and deserves special focus and care in how it's designed and decorated. It’s so much more than just a source of heat; it’s the place where you gather with family and friends for everything from holiday festivities to cozy movie nights and card games.

If you’ve been taking on various DIY home projects and are looking for ways to revamp your fireplace, there are hundreds of ideas to transform any fireplace into the true stand-out focal point of your home. To help spark your creative fire, we’ve identified our 4 favorite fireplace trends that will light up any living space.

 Fireplace surround with black tin tile and a black mantel in a classic styled living room.

1. Tin tile surrounds for added artistry

There are plenty of reasons why a tin tile fireplace surround or wall can spark a homeowner’s interest: not only are they fire resistant, but they will look incredibly artistic and reflect a charming yet modern ambiance. No matter your intended style, you can choose tin tiles that match with virtually any palette or mood.

For example, integrating gorgeous black tin tile surrounds to a fireplace that has a rustic wooden mantel will go great with a modern farmhouse space. Another example is to choose a tin tile that has a geometric pattern for a room that features Art Deco furnishings and colors. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns available, tin tile surrounds are a trend that will turn any fireplace into a show-stopping work of art.

 Large electric fireplace with a white surround and wood mantel.

2. Minimalist fireplace models that blend in

If you’re interested in making less of a statement overall, a second trend that is also popular for fireplace designs is to integrate a minimalist model. This means choosing a fireplace that blends right into the wall and does not immediately command attention.

For simple homes that reflect a “less is more” interior style, minimalist fireplaces are a much better option than models with intricate craftsmanship or bulky motifs. The intention of this trend is to focus mainly on the flames and less on detailing, which is why many minimalist models will be plain or neutral colored, like beige or white, so that they fuse seamlessly with the wall.

 Recessed electric fireplace visible from three sides in a white wall.

3. Room-dividing or multi-sided fireplaces

As more people are working from home than ever before, many homeowners are now wanting defined spaces and are making privacy a major consideration in interior design. A third trend that aligns with this desire is room-dividing or multi-sided fireplaces, which are both highly decorative and dramatic yet beautifully practical.

Fireplaces that divide a room into two separate areas – for example, one side is used for dining and the other side is a living space – essentially creates a makeshift wall that’s still entirely aesthetically pleasing. No longer does the fireplace have to be relegated to a perimeter wall; multi-sided models means you can access them from various areas of a space or even several rooms, which delivers added versatility as well as distributed heat.

 Small electric stove in a wood-burning style in a neutral colored living room.

4. Eco-conscious models that don’t heat the planet

Curtailing our carbon footprint is on everyone’s mind, leading to many new design trends for the home that are centered on sustainability. When it comes to fireplaces, homeowners are recognizing that burning fossil fuels is not the best way forward, which has sparked the fourth and final trend of incorporating eco-conscious modes like electric fireplaces.

Experts agree that electric fireplaces are better for the environment because they’re powered by electricity rather than natural resources – with some models even claiming 100% efficiency. Moreover, they don’t emit any harmful emissions, making them healthier for the environment and for people. As a result, it’s likely that we will continue to see demand for electric fireplaces surpass that of gas or wood-burning since more homeowners will look to make conscious and sustainable choices.

Looking for additional ideas to revamp your fireplace? See how else you can combine tin tiles with your fireplace for optimal glamor and delight.

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