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The White Tin Tile Fireplace & Other Spectacular Ideas

Tin tile on the fireplace? Yes please. When you want to make sure your fireplace stands out as the key design feature of the room, you can bet tin tile is a winner every time. Here are our best tips and tricks for a tin tile fireplace you can show off with pride.

White Tin Tile Fireplace

Brick, stone, and dark wood around the fireplace are classic, but in this era of light and bright, even the fireplace can do with an upgrade. White mantels, white marble, and even white tin tile are excellent additions to the fireplace design.

White tin tile around the fireplace keeps things airy but adds delightful detailing that sets the fireplace apart. It keeps the color scheme clean and bright and the embossed nature of tin tiles has no shortage of interesting texture and pattern. That makes it easier to bring attention to the fireplace without weighing down the space.

More Reasons to Love White Tin Tile

Get the Right Size Pattern

Tin tile boasts some pretty spectacular patterns perfect for a dramatic fireplace. But be careful that you don’t get too carried away before you consider the size of pattern you’ll use.

Tin tiles come in one size (2’ x 2’) and four pattern repeat sizes: 6”, 12”, 24”, and 48”. Tin tile was originally designed for the broad expanses of the ceiling, thus the large, stunning patterns you love so much. But on the wall or the fireplace, many of these patterns are simply too large. Too big a pattern and it will get cut off and you won’t be able to enjoy it in full.

Stick to 6” patterns for the fireplace (12” patterns can be used if you have a large fireplace). The smaller size won’t overwhelm the fireplace, make it feel smaller than it is, or keep you from seeing the full pattern.

A Cut Above: Why Size Matters with Tin Tile Pattern

Feature & Filler

Tin tile is a dramatic choice for the fireplace. But it can also go dramatically wrong. You’ll want to carefully plan where cuts will go so they aren’t so prominent. You’ll also want to consider using filler tiles next to your featured tiles so you don’t end up with an unfinished feel.

Filler patterns are used as a secondary tile that doesn’t compete with your feature tile but are a good option if you find you don’t like the look of a pattern that gets cut off. Careful planning of the layout will help you avoid any awkwardness and create a thoughtful, finished look.

How to Use Filler to Hide Imperfections

Consider Style

Style can be an excellent guide as you try to narrow down your pattern choices. There are so many to choose from, it can be a challenge to pick just one. Stop for a moment to think about the overall effect you’re going for before making your selection.

If you have a clean-lined, mid century modern type space, choose a tin tile with a more geometric pattern like Pattern #1 or #20. If you have a vintage Victorian overtone to your space, go with something more ornate like Pattern #2 or #14.

Match your design style to your tin tile choice and it will be easy to select the right one. Your tin tile fireplace will help define your style.

Design of All Kinds: A Black Tin Tile Fireplace

Bring out the Pattern

The whole point of using tin tile on a fireplace is to make a statement and draw the fireplace out as the key feature in the space. One way to do that is to enhance the pattern. Enhance the pattern’s intricate details by going with an Artisan color.

Artisan colors at American Tin Ceilings are hand applied colors and distressing that make it look like it was just taken from the ceiling of a historic building. The distressing process also has the happy effect of making the pattern more pronounced.

This is especially key if you have a white tin tile fireplace. White, especially matte white, tends to make some of the details of a pattern disappear. Artisan colors that are whitewashed help to bring out the pattern and add some interesting accent color. Try Artisan colors Silver Washed White, Gold Washed White, Copper Washed White, or Espresso Washed White.

Buy Tin Tile Distressed or DIY

Complete with Tin Trims

In addition to the filler tiles mentioned above, tin trims are a great way to complete a fireplace. Trims work much like a molding or baseboard. They provide a type of transition from the tin tile to the materials next to it, like punctuation for your fireplace.

Instead of adding a simple edge to the tin tile, try a grand crown molding to finish your fireplace. Or for a lower profile, use a flat molding. These don’t stand out from the wall but finish a fireplace design with flair.

Use Molding as Finishing Touch

Add Color

One of the most provocative ways to make your fireplace tin tile stand out as the feature of the room is to go with color.

Silver tin tile is a classic and the metallic look gets the attention the fireplace deserves. Consider a different metallic like gold, bronze, or copper for a warmer palette. You can also custom order any color (for a fee) you can imagine from red to purple for a fireplace that’s more than the usual.

Whether you go with the white tin tile fireplace or create something entirely your own, tin tile on the fireplace makes for a stunning design feature you can be proud of. Want more inspiration and guidance on tin tile for the fireplace? Read more on our blog.

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