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How to Replace An Ugly Popcorn Ceiling with Tin Ceiling Tiles

How to Install Tin Ceiling Tiles Over Popcorn Ceiling

Although popular when they first debuted in the 1950s, popcorn ceilings have since become dated and ugly leftovers in a home. The knots and bubbles prominent within popcorn ceilings have also become the bane of homeowners, especially when results in a diminishing resale value. 

However, hope is not lost! While many homeowners assume a ceiling redesign is a huge and costly investment, replacing popcorn ceilings with tin ceilings is a surprisingly simple DIY project —and the modern metal finish will wow anyone who sees your home.

Ready to give your family's favorite room a facelift and replace those unsightly popcorn ceilings? Follow these simple steps to replace an ugly popcorn ceiling with beautiful tin tiles.

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Step 1: Prep the area

Focus on one corner of the room at a time when you are replacing the ceilings. Be sure to empty the room of furniture and appliances so you'll have room for a ladder to move around freely. You may want to put plastic sheets or newspaper to protect the floor from any drywall droppings or excess pieces of cut tile.

Step 2: Install the tin ceilings

After you have selected a pattern and color that complement your home, it's time to cover those ugly popcorn ceilings with tin tiles. Order our proprietary SnapLock installation panels which are unique to us and can be placed right over your existing drywall (no wood needed).

You'll need to purchase #6 drywall screws and then simply line the tiles up on the wall, measuring with chalk lines. Our SnapLock tiles are made with two female sides and two male sides that literally "lock" into place, overlapping easily so screwing them in is a breeze.

Step 3: Rearrange the room again and enjoy!

Once you have cleaned up and put the furniture back in place, stand back and marvel at the work you have just done. The project should have taken half a day to complete and with so many tin tile colors and styles to choose from, you and your family may find a new favorite room in the house!

Now that you know how to install tin ceiling tiles over popcorn ceiling, you're ready to start thinking about the right style. 

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