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Finishing Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles are available unfinished (commonly referred to as raw), as well as finished. You can learn about finishing tin ceiling tiles or you can buy them finished. A finished tile is powder coated in a variety of colors and has superior durability to tiles you finish yourself.

Unfinished Tin Tile

American Tin Ceiling tiles are composed of an embossed steel tile with a bright tin plate. This results in a bright silver tile. If you like the look of the unfinished tile be sure to add a clear coating to protect it from the elements and wear and tear.

Our tiles are available with a clear coat that makes the tin tile more rust resistant.

Powder Coated Tin Tile

Powder coating is an electrostatic adhesion of paint particles to a metal surface, then it's sent through an oven and baked on. This provides a stronger, longer lasting finished product. Similar to patio furniture and home appliances, a powder coated product will never fade, rust, or discolor over time.

The powder coating locks in the color and increases durabilty. They come in a variety of metal looks and colors. Colors can also be custom ordered.

Artisan Colors

In addition to powder coating, the Artisan colors are available for a higher-end option to the basic single finish colored tiles.

These beautiful hand-painted tiles are layered with color and wash-effects to achieve a distressed look. The distressed look is a favorite for tin tile becasue it mimics vintage tin tiles ina new and more durable finish.



Whether you learn about finishing tin ceiling tiles or buy them ready to go, it's a look that adds distinction. Take a closer look at our Artisan colors and see the possibilities.

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